Holy Cross Orthodox Press

The mission of Holy Cross Orthodox Press is to build up the body of scholarly and popular
literature in the areas of Orthodox Christian theology by publishing suitable works by the
faculties of Hellenic College and Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology and other
authors. The Holy Cross Orthodox Press publishes primarily works dealing with topics of concern
to the Orthodox Church, its theology, history, practice, spirituality, and life for both the
scholarly/academic audience and the “educated lay person.”

Authors with manuscripts for consideration by Holy Cross Orthodox Press, should submit
A letter of introduction and curriculum vitae of the author. The letter of introduction should
include s synopsis of the manuscript to be considered.

The completed manuscript. It does not need to be edited, but the manuscript should have all the
key elements envisioned final product. Authors will be required to obtain any necessary
permissions for materials to be used, such as artwork, photographs, and other copyrighted

Upon receipt, the Editorial Committee of Holy Cross Orthodox Press will review the submission
and offer a decision usually within 90-120 days. Tiles are usually scheduled for publication
approximately twelve to sixteen months after a publishing agreement is executed.