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New Smyrna: An Eighteenth Century Odyssey

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NEW SMYRNA: An Eighteenth Century Odyssey

The story of the Greeks from Asia Minor, who came to Florida long before there were migrations to America from Greece in the latter Nineteenth Century, is truly a tale worthy of Homer himself. For these spiritual ancestors from that place know even in the Revelation of Saint John, theirs was a fulfillment of the Lord’s recognition of their Christian forebears: “I know your deeds, your tribulation, and your poverty” (Revelation 2:9). For their journey from their homeland to New Smyrna was, as Homer says in the Odyssey, a story of “twists and turns” (Ὀδύσσεια, α.1).

From the Foreword by Archbishop Elpidophoros of America

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments   ix
A Preface from Archbishop Elpidophoros of America xiii
The Saint Photios Shrine  xv
Prologue  1
One: The Birth of New Smyrna  9
Notes  21
Two: Greeks Forsake the Blue Aegean  24
Notes  35
Three: Visions of the “New Atlantis”  40
Notes  50
Four: Disillusion and Revolt  54
Notes  64
Five: Fruitful Bondage  67
Notes  77
Six: Misery and Death Ravage the Frontier Swamp 80
Notes  92
Seven: The Indians  94
Notes  103
Eight: Worshiping God in the Wilderness  104
Notes  111
Nine: The American Revolution at Florida’s Door  113
Notes  128
Ten: The Death of New Smyrna  129
Notes  152
Epilogue  155
Notes  189
Bibliography  195
Index  201
Picture Section 172

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207 Pages
Holy Cross Orthodox Press
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6 x 9 in
Epaminodas P. Panagopoulos