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Wholeness of Faith and Life: Orthodox Christian Ethics, Part 2

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Wholeness of Faith and Life: Church Life Ethics, Part 2 by Stanley S. Harakas offers a comprehensive exploration of Church life ethics in the context of Eastern Orthodox Christianity, addressing various ethical issues and providing valuable guidance on integrating faith into daily life and community interactions. This book is a thoughtful and insightful resource for individuals seeking to understand and apply Orthodox Christian ethical principles within the context of their church community and beyond.



p. ix

The Doctrine of the Trinity in Eastern Orthodox Ethics

p. 1

Icon and Ethics

p. 24

A Case Study in Eastern Orthodox Ethics on Rich and Poor: Alexios Makrembolites' "Dialogue Between the Rich and the Poor"

p. 56

Responding to Contemporary Challenges to Orthodoxy 

p. 81

Eastern Orthodox Ethics and Community Ethics

p. 122

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148 Pages


Holy Cross Orthodox Press



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Stanley S. Harakas

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