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Wholeness of Faith and Life: Orthodox Christian Ethics, Part 1

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Wholeness of Faith and Life: Patristic Ethics, Part 1 by Stanley S. Harakas delves into the rich heritage of patristic thought and explores how the ethical teachings of the early Church Fathers can be relevant and transformative for contemporary life. This book offers valuable insights into the ethical wisdom of the Church Fathers, inspiring readers to apply their teachings in navigating moral dilemmas and cultivating a deeper understanding of Orthodox Christian ethics.



p. ix

Presuppositions for Ethical Method in St. Gregory the Theologian's Theological Orations

p. 1

Ethical Teaching in Saint Gregory the Theologian's writings

p. 39

Resurrection and Ethics in St. John Chrysostom

p. 50

Ethical Decision-making in Saint Basil's Long Rule

p. 81

Ethical Teachings in the Canons of the Penthekte Council

p. 116

The Teaching on Peace in the Fathers

p. 137

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161 pages


Holy Cross Orthodox Press



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Stanley S. Harakas

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