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Unto the Healing of Soul and Body: Encouragement for Restoration and Reconciliation in a Broken World

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There has never been a greater need for healing in the world than there is today. The Orthodox Sacrament of Holy Unction is intended for the healing of soul and body. What makes this sacrament so powerful is not just the anointing that occurs at the end of the service, but the journey there—through seven Epistle readings, seven Gospel passages and seven powerful prayers. Unto the Healing of Soul and Body will serve as an aid on this journey, helping us understand our need for healing, as well as God’s role and our own participation in spiritual healing.

The Sacrament of Holy Unction, celebrated on Holy Wednesday and at other times throughout the year, lasts about ninety minutes. Yet, that time is packed with such spiritual richness that it deserves to be reflected upon more deeply. This book contains forty-six reflections on the hymns, Scripture readings, and prayers of the service.

The human body is comprised of mind, body and spirit, all of which are interrelated. When one part of the body suffers, so do the other parts. For ever physical wound, there is also a spiritual consequence. This book not only reflects on God’s ability to heal our physical in infirmities, but especially how our souls can be healed along with our bodies. In the times when our bodies are beyond physical healing—at some point we will all suffer a physical death—Holy Unction serves as a reconciliation with God and a preparation for eternal life. This service includes many prayers offering forgiveness, many which speak of the mercy of God, and many which speak of the ultimate destination, eternal life. The sacraments of the Church provide us a means to prepare for eternal life, by offering us the spiritual stamina to get through this life.

Father Stavros N. Akrotirianakis is a Greek Orthodox priest who serves St. John the Baptist Greek Orthodox Church in Tampa, Florida. A list of his other books can be found at the end of this volume.


200 Pages
Holy Cross Orthodox Press
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