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Understanding the Greek Orthodox Church, 4th Edition

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A basic text on the Greek Orthodox Church, its faith, life, and practice. The new edition contains sections on liturgical and sacramental life and the spirituality of the Greek tradition. Topics covered include an extensive overview of the doctrinal and sacramental tradition of the Orthodox, covering the seven sacraments, an overview of Church history, and the history of Orthodoxy in America.



p. xi

1. The Religious Quest of Man

p. 1

The Divinity in History 

p. 3

Cosmic Preparation

p. 9

The Hebraic Heritage

p. 16

The Heritage of Hellenism

p. 26

Christianity: The Fullness of Time

p. 46

2. The Faith of Greek Orthodoxy

p. 51

The God of the Orthodox 

p. 53

The Christ of the Orthodox

p. 63

The Holy Spirit 

p. 78

The Church-Community of Believers 

p. 81

Life in Church

p. 87

Baptism: Rebirth and Illumination

p. 87

The Eucharist: Bread from Heaven

p. 89

Confession: Fall and Restoration

p. 93

Ordination: Divine Power in Earthen Vessels

p. 96

Matrimony: Collaborators with the Creator

p. 101

Unction: For the Health of Body and Soul

p. 108

Spirituality and Spiritual Growth

p. 110

3. The Historical Development of Greek Orthodoxy 

p. 127

The Ancient Church 

p. 129

The Medieval Church

p. 145

Age of Captivity

p. 152

The Modern Church

p. 159

4. Major Aspects of the Church's Faith and Experience

p. 167

Spirituality and Mysticism

p. 167

The Evangelical Character of the Church 

p. 178

Sacred Tradition in the Church

p. 191

The Patristic and Monastic Aspects of the Church

p. 196

Liturgy and Liturgical Life

p. 199

The Relevance of the Church Today

p. 225

5. The Greek Orthodox in the English-Speaking World

p. 229

The Greek Orthodox in North America

p. 229

The Beginnings (1768-1891)

p. 229

A Flock Without a Shepherd (1891-1918)

p. 234

Bringing the Flock Together (1918-1930)

p. 243

Order in the House (1931-1948)

p. 255

Growth and Spiritual Awakening (1949-1959)

p. 264

The Church Marches Forward (1956-1996)

p. 269

Looking to the Next Century (1996-)

p. 275

Orthodox Theology and Theological Education in America

p. 278

The Greek Orthodox Church in Great Britain

p. 298

The Greek Orthodox Church in Australia

p. 307


p. 314

Select Bibliography

p. 317


p. 327


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