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Together in Christ: Studies in Ecclesiology and Ecumenism

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Authentic theology always has a pastoral spirit, because it is concerned with salvation in Christ. This is a process of healing and reconciliation that restores the human person and glorifies the living God. Theology aids us in growing in our love for God, our love for one another, and our proper love for ourselves. Theology nurtures us as we grow "together in Christ" (cf. Eph 3:6).

I am pleased to present this collection of articles with the prayer that they might assist the reader in gaining a deeper appreciation of the depth of the Orthodox Church's teaching and practice as well as the importance of the quest for reconciliation in the apostolic faith. - From the preface by His Eminence Metropolitan Maximos Aghiorgoussis, former Metropolitan of Pittsburgh



p. vii

1. The Christian Existentialism of the Greek Fathers: Persons, Essence, and Energies in God

p. 1

2. The Dogmatic Tradition of the Orthodox Church

p. 29

3. Sin in Orthodox Dogmatics

p. 53

4. The Word of God in Orthodox Christianity

p. 67

5. East Meets West: Gifts of the Eastern Tradition to the Whole Church

p. 93

6. The Holy Eucharist in Ecumenical Dialogue: An Orthodox View

p. 111

7. The Meaning of Christian Baptism for the Baptized and for the Church

p. 121

8. Theological and Historical Aspects of Conciliarity: Some Propositions for Discussion

p. 149

9. Will the Ecclesiology of Cardinal Ratzinger Influence the Pontificate of Pope Benedict XVI?

p. 167

10. Primacies of Honor: The Development of Primacies in the Life of the Church

p. 187

11. The Parish Presbyter and His Bishop: A Review of the Pastoral Roles, Relationship, and Authority

p. 201

12. The Unity of the Church: An Orthodox Point of View

p. 235

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