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The Theology of Saint Paul Apostle to the Nations

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In our efforts to study the Theology of the Apostle Paul, it is necessary to follow the truths expressed and recorded in their historical manifestation and living development in the process of teaching and transmission. In this regard, the historical person of the Apostle Paul is himself a theological revelation. Consequently, an attempt will be made to present, to the extent possible, in a unified system and a reasonable order, the theological truths and prevalent ideas of the Apostle Paul as they have come to us in the Biblical sources and the living Tradition of the Church.

The written sources for the study of the Apostle Paul’s theology are basically the Book of Acts and his Fourteen Epistles. The acceptance of both the canonicity of these books of the New Testament and of the authenticity of the truths contained in them by the Orthodox Church allows us to examine together all of the Epistles of St. Paul as well as the Book of Acts. (Protestant scholars generally prefer to limit their study of St. Paul to his four major Epistles (Romans, 1 and 2 Corinthians, Galatians), plus Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, and the Book of Acts.



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Chapter One

The Anthropology of The Apostle Paul

p. 30

Chapter Two

The Divine Plan For The Salvation of Humankind

p. 67

Chapter Three

The Period of Redemption in Christ by Grace

p. 83

Chapter Four

The Person of The Savior

p. 108

Chapter Five

The Appropriation of Divine Grace For Salvation

p. 145

Chapter Six

The Church

p. 167

Chapter Seven 

The Christian Ethical Teaching

p. 201

Chapter Eight

The Eschatological Teaching of The Apostle Paul

p. 229

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