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The Silent Way: Peter Clashes with Anger

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Peter is mad at Mikey, who is always bugging him in class and at recess. And now Peter is mad at his mom, who is mad at him for getting mad! It doesn't seem right, so Peter asks his Papou (grandfather) if he ever got into fights and what he did about it.

Papou tells Peter about his problem with a boy named George and then about passions and stillness. "Passions" and "stillness!?" What do these words mean, and what do they have to do with Mikey and getting mad?


Introduction: A Curious Picture

p. 1

Chapter 1: Seeing Red

p. 5

Chapter 2: The Lie

p. 11

Chapter 3: The Foggy Mirror

p. 17

Chapter 4: The Passion Problem

p. 25

Chapter 5: So Still

p. 33

Chapter 6: Peace Pacts

p. 41

Chapter 7: The Surprise

p. 55

About The Silent Way Team

p. 58

For the Grown-ups

p. 62

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63 Pages


Holy Cross Orthodox Press




Marilyn Rouvelas, Jeanette Aydlette

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5 x 7

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