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The Silent Way: Eleni Looks at Jealousy

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Eleni is hurt and jealous when her softball coach picks another girl to be the cleanup hitter. On top of that, her little brother, Peter, says he learned something special from their Papou (grandfather), and Peter won't share it with her. That makes her even more jealous.

When Eleni writes Papou to find out what Peter is up to, Papou explains about passions and stillness. "Passions" and "stillness!?" What do these words, man, and what do they have to do with Eleni, her coach, and Peter?


Chapter 1: All Mine

p. 1

Chapter 2: Stillness

p. 8

Chapter 3: The Dusty Icon

p. 17

Chapter 4: Pesky Passions

p. 25

Chapter 5: Jealousy Jumble

p. 31

Chapter 6: The Love Puzzle

p. 41

Chapter 7: Transformers

p. 45

About The Silent Way Team

p. 62

For the Grown-ups

p. 66

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67 Pages


Holy Cross Orthodox Press



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7 x 5


Marilyn Rouvelas, Jeanette Aydlette

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