The Scapegoat: A Novel

Sophia Nikolaidou

$ 24.95


From a major new Greek writer, never before translated‰ÛÓa wide-ranging, muck-raking, beautifully written novel about the unsolved murder of an American journalist in Greece in the forties

In 1948, the body of an American journalist is found floating in the bay off Thessaloniki. A Greek journalist is tried and convicted for the murder . . . but when he‰۪s released twelve years later, he claims his confession was the result of torture.

Flash forward to modern day Greece, where a young, disaffected high school student is given an assignment for a school project: find the truth.

Based on the real story of famed CBS reporter George Polk‰ÛÓjournalism‰۪s prestigious Polk Awards were named after him‰ÛÓwho was investigating embezzlement of U.S. aid by the right-wing Greek government, Nikolaidou‰۪s novel is a sweeping saga that brings together the Greece of the post-war period with the current era, where the country finds itself facing turbulent political times once again.

Told by key players in the story‰ÛÓthe dashing journalist‰۪s Greek widow; the mother and sisters of the convicted man; the brutal Thessaloniki Chief of Police; a U.S. Foreign Office investigator‰ÛÓit is the modern-day student who is most affecting of them all, as he questions truth, justice and sacrifice . . . and how the past is always with us.


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