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The Psalter of David the Prophet and King with the Nine Odes

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The Orthodox Church's version of the Psalter, or Book of Psalms, is offered in this book in accurate, memorable, and dignified contemporary English.

The Psalter of David the Prophet and King with the Nine Odes is translated from the liturgical Greek version of the Psalms used in Orthodox Christian worship. The Psalms are divided into their twenty Kathismata. The Psalter of David the Prophet and King additionally includes the nine biblical Odes, selections of Psalm verses for feast days, additional hymns and prayers, and tables explaining the order of reading the Psalms throughout the liturgical year.

Nicholas Roumas is a theologian and accomplished cantor (
psaltis) in the Greek Orthodox Church. Roumas has carefully translated the Psalter in a way that accords with the Orthodox Christian liturgical use of these divine texts.
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