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The Priest: His Inner Life and His Educational, Sacerdotal, and Pastoral Work

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His Eminence Archbishop Michael (Constantinides) served as Archbishop of North and South America from 1949 until his untimely death in 1958. Serving between two giants in Orthodox history, Archbishop Michael's accomplishments and stature are often overlooked. He worked tirelessly to have the Eastern Orthodox faith recognized as a "major religion' in the United States. He organized the youth of the Archdiocese, creating GOYA. HJE worked to lift the educational stature of Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology. He placed the Archdiocese of North and South America on a sound financial footing. He used the St. Basil Academy as a place of respite and refreshment, choosing it as his final resting place. He is remembered as a man of deep spirituality with a devotion to his sacred mission of promulgating the Greek Orthodox Faith in the United States.

As Archbishop, his love for the clergy showed no bounds. His personal wisdom on the scriptures, patristics, and pastoral experiences was always shared at gatherings of clergy and also with those preparing for the priesthood at Holy Cross Seminary. This volume offers his reflections on the life and ministry of the priest. While written decades ago, his sound Advice applies for the most part today.



p. 7

Introduction to the English Translation

p. 9

Foreword to the First Edition

p. 15

Foreword to the Second Edition

p. 18

Part 1 – The Inner Life of the Priest 

1. The Spirituality of the Priestley Mission

p. 25

2. The Dangers of the Priestly Ministry

p. 29

3. Prayer

p. 35

4. The Reading of Scripture and Spiritually Beneficial Books

p. 38

5. Confession and Spiritual Askesis

p. 41

6. Study

p. 43

Part 2 – The Educational Work of a Priest

1. The Importance of Preaching

p. 49

2. The Difficulties of Preaching

p. 52

3. The Necessity of Preaching Today

p. 54

4. The Purpose of Preaching

p. 58

5. The Preacher

p. 60

6. The Sermon

p. 71

Part 3 – The Priest and Children

1. What Goes On Elsewhere

p. 78

2. What Goes On Here

p. 81

3. The Soul of a Child

p. 84

4. Religious Education

p. 86

5. Factors in Religious Education

p. 88

6. Establishing and Organizing a Catechetical School

p. 90

7. Methodology of Catechetical Instruction

p. 92

8. The Catechetical Lesson

p. 94

Part 4 – The Sanctificational Work of a Priest

1. General Observations

p. 105

2. The Church

p. 109

3. The Priest

p. 112

4. The Faithful

p. 118

Part 5 – The Pastoral Work of a Priest

1. Its Importance and Meaning

p. 127

2. Welfare for the Individual

p. 129

3. Conditions for the Fulfillment of Pastoral Work

p. 132

4. Pastoral Work

p. 138

5. The Sick

p. 141

6. The Poor

p. 146

7. The Healthy

p. 149

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156 Pages


Holy Cross Orthodox Press


Metropolitan  Michael Constantinides



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