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The Orthodox Churches in a Pluralistic World: An Ecumenical Conversation

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The Orthodox Churches in a Pluralistic World: An Ecumenical Conversation, edited by Emmanuel Clapsis, is a thought-provoking compilation of essays and dialogues that explore how Eastern Orthodox churches engage with and respond to the challenges posed by the diversity of the modern world. This book offers valuable perspectives on ecumenism, interfaith dialogue, and the Orthodox Church's interaction with contemporary societal, cultural, and religious pluralism.


Foreword - Archbishop Demetrios

p. vii

Preface - Konrad Raiser

p. ix

Greetings - Nicholas Triantafilou

p. xi

The Challenge of Pluralism

The Orthodox Churches in a Pluralistic World - Archbishop Demetrios of America

p. 1

The Christian Churches and the Plurality of Religious Communities - Diana L. Eck

p. 11

Orthodox Christianity and Pluralism: Moving Beyond Ambivalence? - Elizabeth H. Prodromou

p. 22


The Challenge of Global World - Emmanuel Clapsis

p. 47

Religion and Globalization - Richard Falk

p. 67

Human Rights

Human Rights and Responsibilities in a Pluralistic World - David Little

p. 77

Human Rights and the Orthodox Church - Christos Yannaras

p. 83

Violence, Forgiveness and Reconciliation

Violence and Religion in Pluralistic Societies - Konrad Raiser

p. 90

An Orthodox Comment on Violence and Religion - Stanley Samuel Harakas

p. 103

Forgiveness and Reconciliation in Christian Theology: A Public Role for the Church in Civil Society - Rodney L. Petersen

p. 110

Orthodox Spirituality and Social Activism: Reclaiming Our Vocabulary - Refocusing Our Vision - John Chryssavgis

p. 130

Ethnicity and Nationalism

Ethnic Conflicts and the Orthodox Churches: An Introduction - Thomas Fitzgerald

p. 139

Ethnicity, Nationalism and Religion - Georges Tsetsis

p. 148

Ethnicity, Nationalism and Identity - Emmanuel Clapsis

p. 159

Ethnic Conflicts and the Orthodox Church - Metropolitan John of Korce 

p. 174

Orthodoxy, Nationalism, and Ethnic Conflict - Paschalis M. Kitromilides

p. 183

Injustice and Prophetic Evangelism - Kwame Joseph Labi

p. 189


The Universal Claims of Orthodoxy and the Particularity of Its Witness in a Pluralistic World - Petros Vassiliadis

p. 192

Christian Mission in a Pluralistic World - Christopher Duraisingh

p. 207

A Listeners' Report

A Listeners' Report - Valerie Karras, Deenabandhu Manchala and Anton C. Vrame

p. 219

Contributors list

p. 223

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Emmanuel Clapsis

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