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The New Testament: An Orthodox Perspective

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The New Testament: An Orthodox Perspective by Fr. Theodore Stylianopoulos is a comprehensive and insightful exploration of the sacred scriptures from an Orthodox Christian viewpoint. The book delves into the teachings, historical context, and theological significance of the New Testament, offering readers a profound understanding of the Christian faith. With scholarly depth and spiritual wisdom, Fr. Stylianopoulos illuminates the core beliefs and practices of the Orthodox Church through the lens of the New Testament's timeless message.


Foreword by Krister Stendahl

p. xi


p. xvii


p. 1

Chapter One - The Nature of Holy Scripture

p. 15

The Jewish and Christian Bibles

p. 16

The Old and the New Testaments

p. 26

Divine and Human Aspects

p. 32

Chapter Two - The Authority and Uses of Holy Scripture

p. 45

Scripture and Tradition

p. 47

Ecclesial Uses of Scripture

p. 61

Academic Study of Scripture

p. 67

Chapter Three - Hermeneutics: Faith, Reason, and Church

p. 79

Defining Terms

p. 79

A Life Perspective

p. 85

The Dynamics of Faith, Reason, and Church

p. 88

Chapter Four - The Church Fathers and Holy Scripture

p. 101

The Patristic Exegetical Heritage

p. 101

The Authority of Scripture

p. 107

The Appeal to the Fathers

p. 111

Exegetical Methodology

p. 115

Chapter Five - Modern Biblical Scholarship

p. 123

Historical Origins

p. 125


p. 128

Strengths and Weaknesses

p. 135

Chapter Six - The Hermeneutical Question I: A Critical Overview

p. 147

Problem or Problems?

p. 147

The Hermeneutical Question in the Ancient Church

p. 149

The Hermeneutical Crisis in Western Christianity

p. 155

The Hermeneutical Question in Eastern Orthodoxy

p. 162

Chapter Seven - The Hermeneutical Question II: An Ecumenical Proposal

p. 187

A Multilevel Hermeneutic

p. 187

The Exegetical Level

p. 190

The Interpretive Level

p. 197

The Transformative Level

p. 214

Appendix 1 - Concerning Scripture by St. John of Damascus

p. 239

Appendix 2 - On Spiritual Knowledge by St. Symeon the New Theologian

p. 241


p. 247

Index of Biblical References

p. 264

Select Index

p. 269

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