The Mystery of Repentance and Confession in the Orthodox Church

Peter Chamberas

$ 9.95


This study begins with the liturgical text of Repentance and Confession as practiced in the Orthodox Church today. The original Greek text is provided together with an English translation that is meant to be liturgically useful, not only for the father confessor but also for the faithful who will want to approach this healing Mystery of the Church by being better informed and more fully prepared to receive its saving grace.

The text alone, however, is rarely sufficient; additional commentary and theological interpretation is also needed to clarify the fullness of its meaning and proper practice. Indeed, what is written here is written for the purpose of guiding the faithful to a fuller and better understanding of the Mystery of Repentance and Confession as it is practiced today in the Orthodox Church. It is especially written to assist and guide the younger generation of Orthodox clergy, as they seek to provide their pastoral care to our contemporary Orthodox Christians entrusted to their care. The study is also mindful of those Orthodox Christians who are seeking to better understand and to practice more conscientiously the spiritual tradition of their Church.

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