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The History of AHEPA 1922-2022: A Century of Service

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Eight visionary men came together to create a fraternal Order and to promote its "objectives and principles: effect a perfect and harmonious understanding between ourselves and others..." Bold words for a group of salesmen who wanted to create an organization to help make Greek immigrants good Americans. Who knew that on a hot day, June 26, 1922, these eight men would create an organization American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association-which eventually would span the world? Who knew in 1922 that this organization would thrive in turbulent decades and survive 100 years, promoting the values and traditions of the immigrants who created it? The creation of this organization, this fraternity, was organic and original. Many organizations started from a chapter or a group and flourished into a national organization, but not this. AHEPA was invented at the national level and spread its important message to communities and chapters across North America, Europe, Asia, and as far away as Australasia.


Victor Roudometof

University of Cyprus



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Part I 1922–1945

1. The Formative Years 1922–1928

p. 15

2. Americanism and Hellenism in the 1930s 

p. 47

3. AHEPA & World War II 1940–1945

p. 69

Part II 1946–1972

4. Cold War & Postwar Reconstruction 1946–1956

p. 87

5. AHEPA Turns to Education 1957–1962 

p. 117

6. AHEPA Reaches Its 50th Anniversary

p. 133

Part III 1973–1999

7. AHEPA & US Policy in the Eastern Mediterranean 1974–1980

p. 167

8. AHEPA: A Bridge Between the United States & Greece 1981–1987

p. 191

9. Honoring The Immigrant Roots

p. 213

10. AHEPA Recalibrates 1993–1999 

p. 231

Part IV 2000–2022

11. AHEPA Enters the 21st Century 2000–2008

p. 253

12. AHEPA Stands by the Homeland 2009–2014

p. 287

13. AHEPA Stands by Hellenism & Orthodoxy 2015–2019

p. 321

14. AHEPA Reaches Its Centenary

p. 349


p. 385


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