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The Gospel According to Saint Mark

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The Gospel according to Mark, as compared to the other three Gospels of the New Testament, is brief and unadorned, but the stories it does contain and the way they are told and combined together provide a striking picture of the living tradition of the Church, carefully guarded and constantly repeated about Jesus of Nazareth, who is far more than a teacher, a leader, a prophet; he is also the expected Messiah, the Son of God, through whom “the mystery of the Kingdom of God has now become a reality.” In the Gospel according to Mark, containing the living tradition of the Church, transmitted to him by the Apostle Peter, Jesus is presented as a theandric person, as the Son of man and the Son of God, and as the suffering Servant of God who is also the Lord and Savior of the world. The suffering and the glory experienced by Jesus in the Gospel, according to Mark, are equally real, and this dual reality is expected to be true and fully experienced also by all believers who faithfully follow him.



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Introductory Remarks on the Gospel According to St. Mark

p. 11

Chapter One 1:1-45

p. 13

Chapter Two: 2:1-28

p. 36

Chapter Three: 3:1-35

p. 50

Chapter Four: 4:1-41

p. 60

Chapter Five: 5:1-43

p. 75

Chapter Six: 6:1-56

p. 82

Chapter Seven: 7:1-37

p. 94

Chapter Eight: 8:1-38

p. 101

Chapter Nine: 9:1-50

p. 114

Chapter Ten: 10:1-52

p. 126

Chapter Eleven: 11:1-33

p. 135

Chapter Twelve: 12:1-44

p. 142

Chapter Thirteen: 13:1-37

p. 152

Chapter Fourteen: 14:1-72

p. 161

Chapter Fifteen: 15:1-47

p. 177

Chapter Sixteen: 16:1-20

p. 185


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