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The First Day of the New Creation: The Resurrection and the Christian Faith

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Christ is risen! With this message, the Church announces the good news of salvation and hope for mankind throughout the ages. And Christ's resurrection is indeed the first and decisive moment in the life of the Church, which lives and moves toward it through the power of the Spirit. In this book, Veselin Kesich, Professor Emeritus of New Testament at St Vladimir's Seminary, examines the resurrection faith of the early Church, proceeding from an analysis of the idea of resurrection in pre-Christian and New Testament times, moving through the central events themselves and exploring their significance for all creation at all times. He particularly stresses that the testimony to Christ's resurrection comes from the discovery of the empty tomb, his appearances to his disciples and the coming of the Spirit upon them. Weaving together a detailed investigation of the biblical evidence, the tradition and artistic expression of the Church and contemporary scholarship, the author provides both an illuminating study of the topic of resurrection and a joyful celebration of the fact that Christ truly 'has been raised from the dead, the first fruits of those who have fallen asleep.'


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