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The Experience of God, Vol. 6: The Fulfillment of Creation

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With the publication of the sixth volume of The Experience of God, Holy Cross Orthodox Press has brought to completion a project begun in 1994: the integral translation into English of the Orthodox Dogmatic Theology by Archpriest Dumitru Staniloae (1903-93). His approach is by no means "dogmatic" in an authoritarian sense. He is never content simply to state propositional truths in a doctrinaire fashion, but he seeks to expound the reasons that underlie the Church's teaching, indicating the inner logic of the Orthodox faith, its unity and coherence, and likewise its personal relevance to daily Christian living.

This sixth and final volume of The Experience of God has as its subject what in Western theology are termed "the four last things": death, judgment, heaven, and hell. Fr. Dumitru maintains that, for each one of us, this present life is the time of decisive choice, and yet at the same time, there is progress after death. [His] unshakeable faith in the resurrection - in the conclusive victory of life over death - confers on Fr. Dumitru's understanding of the last things a resounding note of hope.

For many years to come The Experience of God will form an invaluable resource for all who seek to enter more deeply into the inner meaning of Orthodoxy.

- Metropolitan KALLISTOS of Diokleia


Foreword - Metropolitan Kallistos (Ware) of Diokleia

p. vii

1. Death as Passage to Life Eternal

p. 1

2. The Immortality of the Soul

p. 21

3. The Individual Judgment and the Possibility of an Eternal Hell

p. 29

4. Christ as Judge and the Witnesses to Individual Judgments

p. 53

A. The Author and Criterion of the Individual Judgment

p. 53

B. Witnesses, Accusers, and the Defenders at the Individual Judgment

p. 65

5. The Condition of Souls between Death and Resurrection

p. 77

A. Departed Believers' Growth in Communion with God

p. 83

B. The Communion of the Righteous

p. 85

C. Prayers for the Dead

p. 93

D. The Icons and Relics of the Saints

p. 104

6. The End of the Present World

p. 119

A. The Movement of Creation toward the End

p. 121

B. History and Universal Eschatology

p. 128

C. Conjectures about the World's Final Moments

p. 140

D. The Signs and Unseen Cause of the End

p. 142

7. The Coming of Christ and the Image of the World Made New

p. 149

8. The Resurrection of the Body

p. 161

9. Universal Judgment

p. 183

10. The Life Eternal

p. 195


p. 211


p. 213

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Dumitru Staniloae

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