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The Educating Icon

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A way of thinking about catechesis in the Church from the perspective of the art, theology, and liturgical and devotional use of icons. Fr. Anton C. Vrame highlights the importance of an "iconic catechesis" in which each person is nurtured to grow into the likeness of God. The Educating Icon is a wonderful introduction to the visual experiential teaching tradition of the Orthodox Christian faith.



p. ix

Chapter One - Introduction: Preparing the Surface

p. 1

Chapter Two - The Theological Rationale of the Icons

p. 21

Chapter Three - The Aim of Iconic Catechesis: Iconic Knowing and Iconic Living

p. 63

Chapter Four - The Curriculum of Iconic Catechesis: Sacred Place, Time, Presence, and Communion

p. 106

Chapter Five - Informed, Formed, and Transformed Through Iconic Catechesis

p. 136

Chapter Six - The Sacrament of Education: Catechesis in the Orthodox Way

p. 181

Works Cited and Consulted

p. 203


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Anton C. Vrame

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