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Sustaining The Future of Our Planet Together: The Prophetic Ministry of Pope Francis and Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew

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Holy Cross Orthodox Press is proud to present Sustaining the Future of Our Planet Together as a unique and necessary title for your bookshelf. This volume is a comprehensive compilation of the contents of the Halki Summit V, held June 2022. This Summit focused on ecological awareness within the Church; in the words of Patriarch Bartholomew, to "remember and reinforce connections between ourselves and God's creation, between our faith and our action, between our theology and our spirituality, between what we sat and what we do, between science and religion, between our beliefs and every discipline [...] just as between heaven and earth, between our two churches, but also with other churches and other faith communities." 

Inside this book are the addresses from that Summit, presented to the reader, to further continue the conversation of ecological awareness. 
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