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St. Nectarios of Pentapolis and the Island of Aegina: The Monastic Ideal: Volume 2

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 St. Nectarios of Pentapolis and the Island of Aegina: The Monastic Ideal: Volume 2 - The Catechetical Letters, by Cleopas Strongylis, translated by Christopher Tripoulas

This second volume is a collection of St. Nectarios' catechetical letters to his spiritual children of Holy Trinity Convent, along with enriching, additional material such as a preface, introduction, and epilogue written by Cleopas Strongylis. 

"This book examines the well-known ministry of St. Nectarios by exploring the lesser-known writings, including his personal correspondence, his theological treatises, and his spiritual letters. In addition, the author, Archimandrite Dr. Cleopas Strongylis, provides the exceptional perspective of diverse contemporary Orthodox Christians who were either familiar or else acquainted with the saint...the reader will read the words and hear the voice of the saint himself."- His All-Holiness Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I

Preface ix
Introduction xiii
Chapter One: An Introduction to St. Nectarios' Catechetical Letters
A. The Saint's Vision for the Holy Trinity Convent 1
B. St. Nectarios' View of Monastic Life within the Convent 2
1. The Saint's Spirit of Discernment 2
2. The Principles of the Monastic Life 4
3. The Convent's Regulations 5
4. The Convent's Correspondence 7
5. The Sisterhood and Its Service 8
6. Advice Regarding Church Attendance 10
7. The Saint's Thoughts Regarding Vigils 10
8. The Spiritual and Physical Health of the Nuns 11
9. St. Nectarios and Dream Interpretation 14
C. St. Nectarios as Teacher and Spiritual Guide 15
1. General Advice to the Nuns 15
2. Advice Regarding the Sacraments of Confession and Holy Communion 17
3. St. Nectarios' Preaching Ministry 18
4. St. Nectarios' Proverbs 20
5. St. Nectarios' References to His Literary Work 23
6. Efforts for the Establishment of a Theological School 25
D. St. Nectarios' Relationships outside the Convent 26
1. The Metropolitan of Athens 26
2. The Rizareios Seminary 28
3. Elder Pachomios 29
4. Other Clergy and Laypersons 30
5. St. Nectarios' Pastoral Care for the Nuns' Relatives 30
6. St. Nectarios, Alexandria, and Halkida 32
E. The Establishment of the Holy Trinity Convent 32
1. The Construction of the New Convent 32
2. Packages Sent by St. Nectarios 34
Chapter 2: The Catechetical Letters of St. Nectarios
Letters 1-136 37
Epilogue 239
About the Author 241
About the Translator 243


243 Pages
Holy Cross Orthodox Press
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Christopher Tripoulas
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