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St. Nectarios of Pentapolis and the Island of Aegina: The Monastic Ideal, Vol. 1

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This first volume focuses on the later life of St. Nectarios and the establishment of the Holy Trinity Convent, including a section of his correspondence and literary works and various recorded interviews. Included also are several forwards and letters of blessing from His All-Holness Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I, His Eminence Archbishop Demetrios of America, His Eminence Metropolitan Ephraim of Hydra, Spetses, and Aegina, and the Ever-Memorable Archbishop Iakovos. 

"This book examines the well-known ministry of St. Nectarios by exploring the lesser-known writings, including his personal correspondence, his theological treatises, and his spiritual letters. In addition, the author, Archimandrite Dr. Cleopas Strongylis, provides the exceptional perspective of diverse contemporary Orthodox Christians who were either familiar or else acquainted with the saint...the reader will read the words and hear the voice of the saint himself."

- His All-Holiness Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I


Foreword His All Holiness Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I p. xi
A Letter of Blessing His Eminence Archbishop Demetrios of America p. xiii
A Letter of Blessing His Eminence Metropolitan Ephraim of Hidra, Spetses, and Aegina p. xv
A Letter of Blessing The Ever Memorable Archbishop Iakovos, Formerly of North and South America p. xvii
Preface p. xix
Introduction p. xxiii
Chapter 1St. Nectarios and the Establishment of the Holy Trinity Convent in Aegina, 1904-1920
A. The Convent's Beginnings p. 1
B. Requests for the Convent's Reestablishment p. 11
C. St. Nectarios' Work During his stay in Aegina p. 21
1. St. Nectarios' Personal Efforts for the Construction of the new Convent  p. 21
2. The Benevolent Work of the Saint on the Island of Aegina p. 23
3. Metropolitan Nectarios as a Mystic of Christ p. 25
4. The Miracle-Working Bishop p. 28
5. St. Nectarios' Trials p. 30
Chapter 2 The Repose of Metropolitan Nectarios and His Recognition as a Saint
A. St. Nectarios' Illness and Repose  p. 35
B. St Nectarios' Last Will and Testament p. 39
C. The Removal of Saint Nectarios' Holy Relics p. 40
D. The Recognition of Metropolitan Nectarios' Sainthood p. 42
Chapter 3 St. Nectarios' Literary Work and Correspondence
A. Literary Work  p. 49
1. Triadikon p. 49
2. Kekragarion  p. 50
3. On the Cause of the Schism  p. 50
4. Two Studies  p. 52
5. Study on the Holy Cross  p. 53
6. Studies on the Holy Sacraments p. 54
7. On the Church p. 55
B. Correspondence  p. 56
1. Correspondence with The Ecumenical Patriarch p. 56
2. Correspondence with the Grottaferrata Monastery in Rome  p. 56
3. Correspondence with Clergy p. 69
4. Correspondence with Kostis Sakkopoulos p. 70
Chapter 4 The Life of the Saint Through Interviews 
A. Introduction  p. 73
B. St. Nectarios and His Birthplace, Siliybria p. 75
1. Interview with Giasemis Apostolides (Thessaloniki, September 5th 1991) p. 76
2. Interview with Anastasios and Melpomeni Kefalas (Athens, February 7th 1989) p. 79
3. Interview with Aliki Nikolaidou (Thessaloniki, September the 4th 1991) p. 91
C. St. Nectarios and His Appointment as Preacher of Halkida, Euboea p. 97
1. Interview with Ekaterini Staikidou (Halkida, Euboea December 20th 1988) p. 98
D. St. Nectarios and the Fishermen of Laconia p. 119
1. Interview with Antonios Karastateras and Nectaria Dourou (Neapoli, February 16th 1989) p. 120
2. Interview with Protopresbyter Haralambos Lalousis (Lahi February 16th, 1989) p. 123
3. Inteview with Elias Emnogiais (Lahi February 16th, 1989) p. 125
4. Interview with Panagiotis Tsirigotaikis (Lahi February 16th, 1989) p. 125
5. Interview with Koula Harami (Athens, February 21st, 1989) p. 126
E. St. Nectarios and the Convent in Aegina p. 126
1. Interview with Sister Thekla Alifrangi (Salamina Attica, 1978) p. 126
2. Interview with Anastasios Valis (Athens, January 5th 1988) p. 130
3. Interview with Archmandrite Nectarios Vitalis (Kamariza of Lavrio November 19th 1988) p. 136
4. Interview with Eleni Galari (Aegina, December 6th 1988) p. 146
5. Interview with Panagiotis Geladakis and Eleni Karagianni (Aegina, April 25th 1988) p. 147
6. Interview with Christos Geladakis (Aegina, April 25th 1988) p. 154
7. Interview with Demetrios Garganitas (Aegina, April 25th 1988) p. 155
8. Interview with Theodora Dimopoulos (Athens, December 31st 1987) p. 159
9. Interview with Archmandrite Philotheos Zervakos (Athens, undated) p. 166
10. Interview with Chrysafenia Kalamaki (Aegina, 1984) p. 167
11. interview with Stavros Kalkandis (Athens, 1984) p. 176
12. Interview with Panagiotis Klimentides (Thessaloniki, August 4th 1988) p. 188
13. Interview with Ioannis Lazarou (Aegina, November 29th 1988) p. 191
14. Interview with Demetrios Lorentzos (Aegina, April 25th 1988) p. 199
15. Interview with Demetra Lykouri (Athens, May 27th 1988) p. 204
16. Interview with Soterios Economou (Athens, December 30th 1987) p. 208
17. Interview with Photini Pantazi (Aegina, July 18 1989) p. 220
18. Interview with Telemon Semantonis (Athens, Januray 4th 1988) p. 225
19. Interview with Georgios Spyridakis (Aegina, December 6th, 1988) p. 228
20. Interview with Despina Symeon (Athens, January 31 1989) p. 232
21. Interview with Ekaterini Heliotou (Aegina, April 25th 1988) p. 240
F. Saint Nectarios' Legacy in Patmos p. 247
Interview with Paraskevi, Anthousa, Theodosia, and Efthemia (Patmos, September 26th 1988) p. 247
Epilogue p. 253
About the Author p. 255
About the Translator p. 257
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