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Spiritual Gems from the Gospel of Matthew

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Of all the homilies of St. John Chrysostom, those on the Gospel of Matthew are most celebrated. In the thirteenth century, Thomas Aquinas declared that he would give "the whole town of Paris" for these homilies. From the earliest centuries, they have been translated into many languages, yet there has been no modern English translation of these precious works until now.

This vibrant and graceful rendering of selections from Matthew's homilies by Robert Charles Hill makes it abundantly clear why the brilliant fourth-century preacher came to be known as Golden Mouth.



p. 1

A tax collector's Gospel

p. 5

Matthew as guide to the heavenly city

p. 7

The human birth of the Only-begotten

p. 9

His birth and ours

p. 12

Born of the Holy Spirit

p. 14

The Magi and the star

p. 16

Resisting the Devil's temptations

p. 19

Jesus begins to work miracles

p. 22

Jesus delivers the Sermon on the Mount

p. 24

Blessed are the poor in spirit

p. 26

The final beatitude

p. 29

The salt of the earth

p. 31

The light of the world

p. 33

Angry words condemned

p. 35

Love your enemies

p. 37

Our Father

p. 39

Our daily bread

p. 41

Deliver us from the evil one

p. 43

Reverence in Church

p. 45

Do not worry about your life 

p. 47

Jesus heals Peter's mother-in-law

p. 49

Let the dead bury their own dead

p. 51

Healing of the paralytic

p. 53

The calling of Matthew

p. 56

Cure of the hemorrhaging woman

p. 59

Raising the daughter of the head of the synagogue

p. 61

Jesus commissions the twelve disciples

p. 64

Emulating the disciples

p. 66

A cup of cold water to the needy

p. 68

Jesus' commendation of John the Baptist

p. 70

Avoiding the fate of Sodom

p. 73

My burden is light

p. 75

Respect for the sabbath

p. 77

The unforgivable sin against the Holy Spirit

p. 79

One greater than Jonah

p. 81

Repenting like the Ninevites

p. 83

Yielding thirty-fold

p. 85

Parables of the seed and the leaven

p. 87

Parables of the hidden treasure and the pearl

p. 89

Multiplication of the loaves 

p. 91

Cleanse the soul before the hands 

p. 93

The Canaanite woman's persevering prayer

p. 95

Peter's rebuke for resisting the cross

p. 97

Renouncing oneself

p. 99

What will you give in exchange for your soul

p. 101

The Son of Man will repay everyone according to their actions

p. 103

The transfiguration

p. 105

Curing a man's epileptic son

p. 107

Unless you become like children

p. 109

Going in search of the one lost sheep

p. 111

The parable of the unmerciful servant

p. 113

Forgiving from the heart

p. 115

The rich young man

p. 117

The parable of the laborers in the vineyard

p. 119

Jesus prophesies his death and resurrection

p. 121

Two blind men at Jericho

p. 123

Jesus enters Jerusalem on a donkey

p. 125

Jesus' authority challenged; parable of hte two sons

p. 127

The guest without a wedding robe

p. 129

Vainglory of the scribes and pharisees

p. 131

The humble will be exalted

p. 133

Woe to you, blind guides

p. 135

You are like whitewashed tombs

p. 137

Jerusalem, the city that kills the prophets

p. 139

The impending catastrophe

p. 141

The coming of the Son of Man on the clouds 

p. 143

You do not know that the day of the Lord is coming

p. 145

The parables of the virgins and the talents

p. 147

The corporal works of mercy

p. 149

Judas betrays Jesus for money

p. 151

Jesus institutes a new Passover in the eucharist

p. 153

Peter's denial foretold

p. 155

The agony in the garden

p. 157

The arrest of Jesus

p. 159

Jesus is treated with abuse 

p. 161

Darkness over all the earth

p. 163

The risen Jesus meets the women

p. 165

Jesus meets the eleven in Galilee and commissions them

p. 167

The end-time an encouragement for the disciples

p. 169

General Index

p. 171

Index of Biblical Citations

p. 175

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