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Spiritual Gems from the Book of Psalms

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The Psalms, along with the Gospels, were a staple item of the spiritual fare on which Christians in the early Church were nourished. Like many of his peers, John Chrysostom has left us his commentary on many of these sacred hymns set to music by "blessed David." During his ministry in Antioch and Constantinople, therefore, he endeavored to engage with the sentiments of hope and despair, love and loathing, praise and thanksgiving, while wrestling with the Psalms' many obscure expressions.

In this volume are assembled the more memorable and uplifting passages of his homilies on the Psalms. While not betraying the accent of his school on the role of human effort in moral development and spiritual growth, he echoes the psalmist's gratitude for divine providence and mercy, the wonders of Creation, and the mysteries of the Incarnation and Pascha.



p. 1

On my calling upon Him, the God of my righteousness hearkened unto me (Ps 4:1)

p. 7

On my calling upon Him, the God of my righteousness hearkened unto me (Ps 4:1)

p. 10

Lord, You have crowned us with a shield of blessing (Ps 5:12)

p. 13

I will drench my couch with my tears (Ps 6:6)

p. 16

May all my enemies feel shame and confusion (Ps 6:10)

p. 19

If you do not repent, God will wield his sword (Ps 7:12)

p. 22

O Lord, our Lord, how wonderful your name in all the earth (Ps 8:1)

p. 24

What is it about human beings that makes You call them to mind? (Ps 8:4)

p. 27

I shall confess to You, O Lord, with all my heart (Ps 9:1)

p. 30

I shall describe all Your marvels (Ps 9:1)

p. 32

Save me, O Lord, because there are no holy people left (Ps 12:1)

p. 35

Those who say, Who is our master? (Ps 12:4)

p. 38

How long, O Lord, will You forget me in the end? (Ps 13:1)

p. 41

I shall sing to the name of the Lord Most High (Ps 13:6)

p. 44

As the deer longs for springs of water (Ps 42:1)

p. 46

So my soul longs for You, O God (Ps 42:1)

p. 49

My soul thirsted for God (Ps 42:2)

p. 51

Our fathers told us (Ps 44:1)

p. 53

The work You performed in their days, in days gone by (Ps 44:1)

p. 56

Comely to behold beyond all human beings (Ps 45:2)

p. 58

Hence God, your God, anointed you (Ps 45:7)

p. 61

Shout to God in a voice of happiness (Ps 47:1)

p. 64

Because the Lord the Most High is fearsome (Ps 47:2)

p. 67

He subjected peoples to us, and nations under our feet (Ps 47:3)

p. 69

Walk around Sion, walk about her (Ps 48:12)

p. 72

Rich and poor together (Ps 49:2)

p. 74

I shall incline my ear to a parable (Ps 49:4)

p. 77

Those who boast of the abundance of their wealth (Ps 49:6)

p. 80

Their tombs are their homes forever (Ps 49:11)

p. 83

Human beings, though held in honor, did not understand (Ps 49:12)

p. 86

At their dying they will not take it all with them (Ps 49:17)

p. 89

God will come openly, our God (Ps 50:3)

p. 92

God said, Why do you tell of my righteous deeds? (Ps 50:16)

p. 95

You sat down to malign your brother (Ps 50:20)

p. 98

Exercise dominion in the midst of your foes (Ps 110:2)

p. 101

With you is dominance in the day of your power (Ps 110:3)

p. 104

With you is dominance in the day of your power (Ps 110:3)

p. 107

He will drink from the torrent by the wayside (Ps 110: 7)

p. 110

In the assembly of the upright the mighty works of the Lord (Ps 111:1-2)

p. 113

Confession in magnificence his works (Ps 111:3)

p. 116

He has dispersed, given to the needy (Ps 112:9)

p. 119

The sinner will be enraged; he will gnash his teeth and pine away (Ps 112:10)

p. 122

Praise the name of the Lord (Ps 113:1)

p. 124

Giving the barren woman a home (Ps 113:9)

p. 127

Israel His dominion (Ps 114:2)

p. 129

Not to us, O Lord, not to us, but to your name give glory (Ps 115:1)

p. 132

I called upon the name of the Lord (Ps 116:4)

p. 134

I believed - hence I spoke (Ps 116:10)

p. 137

His mercy is forever (Ps 118:3)

p. 140

The stone the builders rejected has become the head of the corner (Ps 118:22)

p. 143

In my tribulation I cried aloud to the Lord (Ps 120:1)

p. 146

With those who hated peace I was peaceable (Ps 120:7)

p. 149

My help is from the Lord who made heaven and earth (Ps 121:2)

p. 151

As the eyes of slaves are on the hands of their masters (Ps 123:2)

p. 154

Surely they would have swallowed us alive (Ps 124:3)

p. 157

Our hope is in the name of the Lord who made heaven and earth (Ps 124:8)

p. 159

Those trusting in the Lord are like a mountain of Sion (Ps 125:1)

p. 162

Do good, Lord, to the good and to the upright of heart (Ps 125:4)

p. 165

Those who sow in tears will reap in joy (Ps 126:5)

p. 167

Blessed are all those who fear the Lord (Ps 128:1)

p. 169

Blessed are those who travel in the Lord’s ways (Ps 128:1)

p. 172

And may you see your children’s children (Ps 128:6)

p. 175

Out of the depths I cried to you, O Lord (Ps 130:1)

p. 178

If you were to take notes of crimes, Lord, who would stand? (Ps 130:3)

p. 180

Because with the Lord there is mercy (Ps 130:7)

p. 183

I lifted up my soul like a weaned child with its mother (Ps 131:2)

p. 186

Lo, bless the Lord, all you servants of the Lord (Ps 134:1)

p. 188

In the seas and in all the depths (Ps 135:6)

p. 191

Rescue me, Lord, from an evil person (Ps 140:1)

p. 193

Lord, I cried to you; hearken to me (Ps 141:1)

p. 196

The lifting up of my hands an evening sacrifice (Ps 141:2)

p. 199

Set a guard on my mouth, Lord (Ps 141:3)

p. 202

They hid a trap for me, there was no one who recognized me (Ps 142:4-5)

p. 205

Blessed be the Lord my God, who trains my hands for fighting (Ps 144:1)

p. 208

Every day I shall sing praise to your name forever (Ps 145:2)

p. 211

Generation upon generation will praise your works (Ps 145:4)

p. 214

Praise the Lord, O my soul (Ps 146:1)

p. 217

Praise the Lord, O my soul (Ps 146:1)

p. 219

Let Israel be glad in its maker (Ps 149:2)

p. 222

Praise Him with harp and lyre (Ps 150:3)

p. 226

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Index of Biblical Citations

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