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Spiritual Dimensions of the the Holy Canons

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Professor Patsavos' approach reflects the very essence and nature of the Canonical Tradition of the Orthodox Church; namely, that the canons are of a spiritual and pastoral dimension, striving for the salvation of the souls of God's people. This insightful book is accompanied by an index that classifies the Holy Canons for easy reference.




p. xiii


p. xv

Introduction to the Orthodox Canonical Tradition

The Theological Basis of the Church’s Law

p. 1

The Composition of the Church’s Law

p. 5

The Characteristics of the Church’s Law

p. 9

Presuppositions of Canonical Tradition

The Church as Divine-Human Communion

p. 17

The Church’s Revelation of Truth

p. 19

The Role of the Holy Canons

p. 21

The Concepts of Order and Freedom in Christ

p. 26

The Changeability of the Holy Canons

p. 30

Pastoral Issues of Canonical Tradition

The Relationship of Clergy and Laity

p. 35


p. 35


p. 35

The Synodal Structure of the Church

p. 36

The Problem of Sin

p. 41

The Nature of Sin

p. 41

Sin and the Passions

p. 43

Penances (“Epitimia”) and Their Therapeutic Character

p. 46

The Pastoral Approach to Heresy and Schism

p. 49

Ways to the Kingdom: Marriage and Monasticism

p. 50

Marriage in Christ

p. 51

The Monastic Life

p. 54


p. 57


p. 65


Appendix: Classification of Canonical Tradition


p. 71

I. Canons Related Administration

1. Presuppositions of Entry into the Clergy and Related Matters

p. 75

2. Actions Related to the Ministry of the Clergy

p. 78

3. Canonical Order

p. 79

4. Canonical Orderliness

p. 80

5. Administration

p. 83

6. Clerics

p. 84

7. Administrative Operation

p. 85

8. Authority of Bishops over Monasteries and Institutions

p. 86

9. Holy Mysteries

p. 87

II. Canons Related to Penitential Discipline Invoked in Ecclesiastical Courts

1. Offenses against Orthodox Faith

p. 91

2. Offenses against Ecclesial Structure

p. 92

3. Offenses Contrary to Canonical Order

p. 92

4. Offenses against God

p. 95

5. Offenses against Human Life

p. 96

6. Offenses against Marriage

p. 97

7. Offenses Contrary to Moral Order

p. 98

8. Offenses against Property

p. 99

9. Offenses against Persons

p. 101

10. Canonical Prohibitions

p. 101

11. Offenses Contrary to Administrative Operation

p. 102

III. Canons Related to Penitential Discipline Invoked by Spiritual Fathers during Holy Confession

1. Offenses against Orthodox Faith

p. 104

2. Offenses against God

p. 105

3. Indifferences to Orthodox Faith

p. 106

4. Offenses against Human Life

p. 107

5. Offenese against Marriage

p. 108

6. Offenses Contrary to Moral Order

p. 110

7. Offenses against Property

p. 111

8. Offenses against persons

p. 112

9. Various Prohibitions

p. 112

IV. Canons Related to Ecclesiastical Court Procedure

1. Presuppositions of Ecclesiastical Penitential Courts

p. 114

2. Preliminary Procedure

p. 115

3. Concerning Courts

p. 116

4. Concerning Legal Means

p. 118

5. Post-Trial Consequences

p. 119

V. Canons Related to Monasticism

1. Presuppositions of the Monastic State

p. 120

2. Canonicity of the Monastic State

p. 120

3. Validity of the Monastic State

p. 121

4. Monastic Profession

p. 121

5. Canonical Monastic Orderliness

p. 122

6. Internal Orderliness in Monasteries

p. 123

7. Monks in Common Law

p. 125

8. Concerning Monasteries

p. 126

9. Monastic Systems

p. 127

10. Monastic Property

p. 128

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