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Sickness or Sin? Spiritual Discernment and Differential Diagnosis

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Essays presenting an Orthodox understanding of spiritual growth, development, and the assessment and treatment of persons with psychological and psychiatric illness that include a religious and spiritual dimension. Includes major case studies, with responses from physicians and psychologists. The book would make an excellent textbook for pastoral counseling courses. D. Oreopoulos contributes a major essay on the doctor/patient relationship. 

Contributors include: J. Rediger, J. Muse, M. Nickolas, G. Morelli.



p. ix


p. xi

Introduction - Sickness and Sin

p. 1

Part One: Spiritual Discernment and Differential Diagnosis

The Path of Growth and Development in Eastern Orthodoxy - John T. Chirban

p. 13

Discernment and Diagnosis in Human Development: An Orthodox Theological Perspective - Theodore G. Stylianopoulos

p. 47

Part Two: Assessing Spiritual Discernment and Differential Diagnosis

Understanding Healthy and Unhealthy Adaptations of Religion: The Case of Odessa

p. 63

The Case of Odessa: A Psychiatric Perspective - Jeff Rediger

p. 66

The Case of Odessa: A Psychospiritual Perspective - John T. Chirban

p. 79

Your Faith is Making You Well: Psychotherapy in an Orthodox Christian Context - J. Stephen Muse

p. 88

A Response to Muse - Markos Achilles Nickolas

p. 123

Sickness or Sin? - Philotheos Faros

p. 143

A Medical Response to Faros - John F. Schilke

p. 163

A Psychological Response to Faros - George Morelli

p. 166

An Integrative Response to Faros - Vasilios Thermos


A Dialogue - Dimitrios Oreopoulos, J. Stephen Muse, and Philotheos Faros

p. 178

Part Three: Integrating Spiritual Discernment and Differential Diagnosis

Restoring the Healing Effect of the Patient/Physician Relationship - Dimitrios Oreopoulos

p. 187

A Response to Oreopoulos - Koula Svokos Hartnett

p. 205

A Case Conference Model for Clergy Continuing Education in Counseling, Confession, and Spiritual Direction - J. Stephen Muse

p. 216

Part Four: Applying Methods of Spiritual Discernment and Differential Diagnosis

Sexuality and the Church: How Acquired Values in Child Development Promote Healthy Sexual Expression - John T. Chirban

p. 229

A Response to Chirban - Demetra Velisarios Jaquet

p. 236

Gender Issues and Sexuality - Demetra Velisarios Jaquet

p. 240

A Response to Jaquet - J. Stephen Muse

p. 249

A Response to Muse - Demetra Velisarios Jaquet

p. 254

Eros, Asceticism, and Marriage: A Seamless Connection?

p. 257


p. 218

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