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Servant of the Gospel: Studies in honor of His All-Holiness Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew

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"On October 22, 2011, the Orthodox Church celebrated the twentieth anniversary of the election of His All-Holiness Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew, the 270th successor of the Apostle Andrew to the See of Constantinople, the First See of the Orthodox Church. Many accolades will be proclaimed of His All-Holiness ministry: his gathering of historic assemblies of the Autocephalous Orthodox Churches, his commitment to Christian reconciliation and unity, his bridge-building among the religions of the world, his prophetic voice on environmental issues. Through each of these, he has become a Servant of the Gospel. The Faculty of Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology adds its voice to the celebration with this collection of scholarly essays in honor of His All-Holiness. He has honored our campus with visits in 1997, when he received an honorary doctorate, and in 2002. With this collection, we congratulate His All-Holiness and pray that our Lord and Savior grant him many years!" 

- Rev. Fr. Nicholas Triantafilou, President of Holy Cross


Foreword - His Eminence Archbishop Demetrios

p. vii

Introduction: Servant of the Gospel: Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople, Rev. Dr. Thomas FitzGerald

p. xi

1. The Presbyter and the Essential Activities of the Church Rev. Dr. Alkividias Calivas

p. 1

2. The Dignity of the Poor and Almsgiving in St. John Chrysostom Rev. Dr. Emmanuel Clapsis

p. 23

3. The Imagery of Patriarch Ignatios’ Lead Seals and the Rota Fortunae of Ninth-Century Byzantine Ecclesio-Political Policies V. Rev. Archimandrite Dr. Joachim (John) Cotsonis

p. 52

4. The Seal of the Gift of the Holy Spirit: The Sacrament of Chrismation Rev. Fr. George Dion. Dragas

p. 99

5. Hospitality: Keeping a Place for the “Other” Fr. Kyraki Karidoyanes FitzGerald

p. 113

6. “Turning Toward” as a Pastoral Theology of Marriage Dr. Philip Mamalakis

p. 126

7. Impediments of Relationship in the Sacrament of Marriage Dr. Lewis J. Patsavos

p. 139

8. “Holding Sway in Companionship”: Genesis 1:26 Revisited Rev. Dr. Eugen J. Pentiuc

p. 158

9. Theoria and Praxis in St. Maximos the Confessor’s Quaestiones et dubia, Dr. Despina D. Prassas

p. 174

10. Sanctity, Ascetism, and the Environment Dr. James C. Skedros

p. 191

11. Liturgical Adaptation in the United States: A “Thick Description” of One Greek Orthodox Parish Dr. Anton C. Vrame

p. 202

12. How Much Do Our Learned Evaluations Influence the Way We Reconstruct the Past? Dr. Evie Zachariades-Holmberg

p. 216

13. Tonsure and Cursus Honorum up to the Photian Era and Contemporary Ramifications Rev. Dr. Philip Zymaris

p. 241

Appendix: The Leadership of the Ecumenical Patriarchate and the Significance of Canon 28 of Chalcedon Faculty of Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology

p. 261

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