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Sermons from the Life of St John Chrysostom

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This book contains sermons given by St John Chrysostom (ca. 349-407), the "Golden Mouth," perhaps the greatest preacher of all time. David Ford selected these particular sermons to illustrate certain dramatic moments in Chrysostom's life, which highlight some of the most important themes of his preaching and elements of his remarkable character and personality. Chrysostom's passion for proclaiming the truth and his love for his flock and, above all, for God shine through in these homilies, delivered at pivotal moments in his eventful life.

David C Ford, Professor of Church History at Saint Tikhon's Seminary, is author of St John Chrysostom's Letters to Saint Olympia, Popular Patristics Series 56 (SVS Press), Women & Men in the Early Church: The Vision of St. John Chrysostom (STS Press), and co-editor of Glory & Honor (SVS Press).

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