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Seeds of Spirituality: Impacts of Spirituality on Contemporary Issues

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In Seeds of Spirituality: Impacts of Spirituality on Contemporary Issues, Archbishop Demetrios discusses the important role of Orthodox spirituality in the modern world. Discussing the “greatest joys” of his ministry as Archbishop, the author discusses important principles and lessons from the Holy Scriptures and from the writings of the Church Fathers. Throughout his work, the author relates how these important truths lead us to a better understanding of God’s will for our lives.



p. xi 

Section 1: 

Christianity and Society 


An Unlimited Expression 

p. 3

Love and Care For Strangers: 

Philoxonia in Christian Tradition

p. 20

Exploring the Mind-Body-Soul Connection:

Spirituality in Illness and Healing

p. 31

Christianity and Persecution:

Martyrdom Yesterday and Today

p. 45

Life After Death:

A Christian Perspective

p. 56

Leadership and Excellence:

The Christian Theological Understanding

p. 67

Looking to Jesus Christ as the Foundation and Fullness of our Priesthood

p. 78

Section 2: 

Biblical Reflections

Saint Paul:

Apostle of Joy

p. 97

The Father from Whom Every Family is Named:

A Reflection on Ephesians 3:14–19

p. 111

Facing Human Suffering:

Chrysostom's Commentary on the Book of Job

p. 126

The Book of Psalms:

The Ecumenical and Universal Prayer

p. 141

The Superb Pastoral Legacy of Saint Paul

p. 160

As A Man Speaks to His Friends:

St. John Chrysostom as Exegete and Advocate

p. 178

Exegetical Creativity:

Saint Basil’s Homilies on the Creation of the Universe

p. 192

Books by the Same Author

p. 209


p. 210

222 Pages
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