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Orthodoxy: Faith & Life - Volume 1 - Christ in the Gospels

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Christ in the Gospels shares the person of Christ as revealed to us in history and in the realm of our everyday life . . . who will always lead us to the divine and to the external, which is the source and the purpose of life and human existence.

His Grace Bishop Gerasimos (Papadopoulos) of Abydos taught from 1952-1967 at Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology. He served as Bishop of the Diocese of Boston from 1962-1967 and the Diocese of Pittsburgh from 1967-1977. Upon his retirement in 1978, he returned to Holy Cross, lived on campus, and occasionally taught courses, but he always served as a spiritual father to many students and priests of the Church in America. He was born in Corinth, Greece, and was a member of the Skete of St. Anna on Mt. Athos before leaving for Germany and then the United States.

Christ in the Gospels is the first Volume of his Orthodoxy: Faith and Life series. Volume 2 is Christ in the Life of the Church.



p. 5

Chapter One - Religion and Revelation

p. 11

Chapter Two - The Beginning

p. 23

Chapter Three - St John the Forerunner and the Beginning of the Gospel of Jesus Christ

p. 34

Chapter Four - The Galilean Ministry

p. 45

Chapter Five - Jesus Encounters Opposition

p. 53

Chapter Six - The Parables

p. 57

Chapter Seven - Jesus the Son of God

p. 60

Chapter Eight - Jesus Returns to Galilee

p. 65

Chapter Nine - Jesus in Judea

p. 79

Chapter Ten - Events Reported by John

p. 85

Chapter Eleven - The Last Week

p. 99

Chapter Twelve - The Passions and the Mystery of Love

p. 111

Chapter Thirteen - The Betrayal, Trial, and Crucifixion

p. 133

Chapter Fourteen - The Resurrection and Ascension

p. 145


p. 153


p. 155

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