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Orthodox Spiritual Life

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Spiritual life can never be limited or defined.  Therefore, the content of a book about the spiritual life is never able to exhaust the subject that its title indicates.  In particular, this book does not even attempt to enlarge upon all the themes of Orthodox spiritual life or to exhaust even the most important among them.  Its purpose is to constitute an introductory handbook to assist students of theology, and anyone else who is interested, in a first approach to Orthodox spiritual life.

-Giorgios I. Mantzarides


p. vii
Chapter One: The Character of Orthodoxy
p. 1
Chapter Two: The Concept of the Spiritual Life
p. 8
Chapter Three: A Religious and Social Nature
p. 18
Chapter Four: Self-knowledge and Knowledge of God
p. 26
Chapter Five: Sin and Repentance
p. 35
Chapter Six: The Dogmas of the Church as Pointers of Life
p. 42
Chapter Seven: The Divine Liturgy and the World
p. 57
Chapter Eight: The Life of Worship
p. 70
Chapter Nine: The Spiritual Father and the Brothers in Christ
p. 80
Chapter Ten: The Commemoration of the Saints
p. 90
Chapter Eleven: Faith and Works
p. 101
Chapter Twelve: Combating the Passions and Training in the Virtues
p. 113
Chapter Thirteen: Mental Prayer
p. 125
Chapter Fourteen: Social Action and the Eschatological Perspective
p. 132
Chapter Fifteen: Truth and Freedom
p. 141
Chapter Sixteen: Deification
p. 149
p. 163
Index of Names
p. 165

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Giorgios I. Mantzarides


Keith Schram

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