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Orthodox Saints, Vol. III

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In chronological order, the lives of nearly 500 saints of the Orthodox Church, simply and briefly told for the general reader. Covers the liturgical period of July 1-September. 30.



p. xiii


Saint Constantine the Miracle-Worker

p. 1

Saint Kosmas and Damianos

p. 4

Saint Juvenal, Patriarch of Jerusalem

p. 7

Saint Anatolios, Patriarch of Constantinople

p. 10

Saint Gerasimos, the Neomartyr

p. 13

Saint Martha, Mother of St. Symeon Stylitis

p. 16

Saint Athanasios the Athonite

p. 19

Saint Sisoes

p. 22

Saint Kyriaki

p. 25

Saint Prokopios the Great Martyr

p. 28

Saint Pankratios

p. 31

Saint Anthony the Russian

p. 34

Saint Euphemia

p. 37

Saint Nikodemos

p. 40

Saint Veronica

p. 43

Saint Golinduch

p. 46

Saint Nikodemos of the Holy Mountain

p. 49

Saint Vladimir (Basil) of Russia

p. 52

Saint Athenogenes, Bishop and Martyr

p. 55

Saint Marina

p. 58

Saint Emilianos

p. 61

Saint Makrina

p. 64

Saint Elijah (Elias)

p. 67

Saints Symeon and John

p. 70

Saint Parthenios

p. 73

Saint Mary Magdalene

p. 76

Saint Markella of Chios

p. 79

The Prophet Ezekiel

p. 82

Saint Anna of Macedonia

p. 85

Saint Theophilos the Neomartyr

p. 88

Saint Christina

p. 91

Saint Eupraxia

p. 94

Saint Paraskevi

p. 97

Saint Panteleimon the All-Merciful

p. 100

Saint Irene Chrysovalantou

p. 103

Saint Kallinikos the Martyr

p. 106

Saint Julitta

p. 109

Saint Silas, Silvanus, Apainetos and Crescens

p. 112

Saint Joseph of Arimathea

p. 115


The Seven Maccabees

p. 118

Recovery of the Relics of Saint Stephen

p. 121

Saint Theodore of the Dardanelles

p. 124

Saint Stephen, Bishop of Rome

p. 127

Seven Saints of Ephesus

p. 130

Saint Eusignios

p. 133

Saint Chrestos of Preveza

p. 136

The Transfiguration

p. 139

Saint Theodosios of Argos

p. 142

Saint Myron of Crete

p. 145

Saint Anastasios of Thessaloniki

p. 148

Saint Herman of Alaska

p. 151

Saint Matthias

p. 154

Saint Laurentius (Lawrence)

p. 157

Saint Nephon II, Patriarch of Constantinople

p. 160

Saints Aniketos and Photios

p. 163

Saint Tikhon of Zadonsk

p. 166

Saint Eudokia the Empress

p. 169

Saint Markellos of Apamea

p. 172

Repose of the Blessed Virgin Mary

p. 174

Saint Stamatios the Neomartyr

p. 177

The Transfer of the Icon of Christ from Edessa

p. 180

Saint Myron the Martyr

p. 183

Saints Floros and Lavros

p. 186

Saint Theophanes of Athos

p. 189

Saint Andrew the Martyr

p. 192

The Prophet Samuel

p. 195

Saint Vassa and Her Sons, Theognios, Agapios, and Pistos

p. 198

Saints Anthousa, Athanasios, Charisimos and Neophytos

p. 201

Saint Irenaios

p. 204

Saint Kosmas of Aitolia

p. 207

Saint Titus

p. 210

Saint Joasaph

p. 213

Saint Phanarios

p. 216

Saint Moses the Ethiopian

p. 219

Beheading of Saint John the Baptist

p. 222

Saint Alexander, Patriarch of Constantinople

p. 225

Placement of the Zone (Belt) of the Blessed Virgin Mary

p. 228


Beginning of the Ecclesiastical Year (Indiction)

p. 231

Saint Symeon Stylitis

p. 234

Saint John the Faster, Patriarch of Constantinople

p. 237

Saint Mamas

p. 240

Saint Anthimos of Nikomedia

p. 243

Saint Hermione

p. 246

Saint Babylas, Bishop of Antioch

p. 249


p. 252

Saint Zacharias

p. 255

Saints Romylos, Eudoxios, Zenon and Makarios

p. 258

Miracle of Archangel Michael in Colossae

p. 261

Saint Kassiane

p. 264

Saint Sozon

p. 267

Nativity of the Theotokos

p. 270

Saints Joachim and Anna

p. 273

Saint Pulcheria, Empress of Constantinople

p. 276

Euphrosionos the Cook

p. 279

Saint Autonomos

p. 282

Saint Cornelius the Centurion

p. 285

Elevation of the Cross

p. 288

Saint Gerasimos of Leontarion

p. 291

Saint Niketas the Goth

p. 294

Saint Euphemia the Martyr

p. 297

Saints Faith, Hope and Charity and Their Mother Sophia

p. 300

Saint Romylos

p. 303

Saints Trophimos, Savatios and Dorymedon

p. 306

Saint Hilarion

p. 309

Saint Eustathios Plakidas

p. 312

Saint Kodratos, Bishop of Athens

p. 315

Saint Phokas

p. 318

Saints Xanthippi and Polyxene

p. 321

Saint John of Konitsa the Neomartyr

p. 324

Saint Thekla

p. 327

Saint Sergius of Radonezh

p. 330

Saint Euphrosyne

p. 333

Saints Thekla, Martha, Mary, Ennatha and Marianne

p. 336

Saint Kallistratos

p. 339

Saint Akylina the Neomartyr

p. 342

Saint Chariton

p. 345

Saint Kyriakos the Recluse

p. 348

Saint Gregory the Illuminator

p. 351

Saints Repsemia, Gaiana and Their Companions

p. 354

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