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Orthodox Saints, Vol. II

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In chronological order, the lives of nearly 500 saints of the Orthodox Church, simply and briefly told for the general reader. Covers the liturgical period of April. 1-June 30.



p. xiii


Saint Mary of Egypt

p. 1

Saint Gregory of Nikomedia

p. 4

Saint Joseph the Hymnographer

p. 7

Saint Paul the Russian

p. 10

Saint Zosimos

p. 13

Saint George of Ephesus

p. 16

Saint Theodora of Thessaloniki

p. 19

Saint Gregory of Mount Sinai

p. 22

Saint Eutychios, Patriarch of Constantinople

p. 25

Saint Nilos of Sora

p. 28

Saints Phlegon, Agabos, Herodion, Rufus, Hermes and Asynkritos

p. 31

Saint Eupsychios

p. 34

Saint Gregory of Constantinople

p. 37

Saint Antipas of Pergamon

p. 40

Saint Anthousa of Constantinople

p. 43

Saint Martin, Bishop of Rome

p. 46

Saint Demetrios the Neomartyr

p. 49

Saint Crescens

p. 52

Saints Felix, Januarius, Fortunatus and Septimis

p. 55

Saint Michael of Asia Minor

p. 58

Saint Makarios (Notaras), Archbishop of Corinth

p. 61

Saint Agapetos I, Bishop of Rome

p. 64

Saint John of Ioannina

p. 67

Saint Theodore of Perge

p. 70

Saint Athanasios of Meteora

p. 73

Saint Zachaios

p. 76

Saint Alexandra

p. 79

Saint Theodore of Sykeon

p. 82

Saint George

p. 85

Saint Doukas of Mytilene

p. 88

Saint Elizabeth the Miracle-worker

p. 91

Saint Mark the Evangelist

p. 94

Saint Basil of Amasia

p. 97

Saint Eulogios the Inkeeper

p. 100

Saint Symeon, Bishop of Jerusalem

p. 103

The Miracle of Carthage

p. 106

Saints Jason and Sosipater

p. 109

Saint Argyre the Neomartyr

p. 112

Saint James the Greater

p. 115


The Prophet Jeremiah

p. 118

Saint Hesperos

p. 121

Saint Theodosios of the Caves

p. 124

Saint Ahmed

p. 127

Saint Xenia

p. 130

Saint Nikephoros the Hesychast

p. 133

Saint Irene

p. 136

Saint Ephraim

p. 139

The Prophet Job

p. 142

Illumination of the Holy Cross

p. 145

Saint John the Evangelist

p. 148

Saint Christopher

p. 151

The Prophet Isaiah

p. 154

Saint Simon the Canaanite

p. 157

Dedication of the City of Constantinople

p. 160

Saints Cyril and Methodios

p. 163

Saint Argyros

p. 166

Saint Epiphanios the Jew

p. 169

Saint Glykeria

p. 172

Saint Isidore of Chios

p. 175

Saint Achillios of Larissa

p. 178

Saint Pachomios the Great

p. 181

Saint Boris (Michael) of Bulgaria

p. 184

Saint Nicholas, the Neomartyr of Metsovo

p. 187

Saints Andronikos and Junia

p. 190

Saints Peter of Lampsakos, Dionysios, Christina, Andrew, Paul, Benedimos, Paulinos and Herakleitos

p. 193

Saints Patrikios, Akakios, Memandros and Polyainos

p. 196

Saint Thallelaios

p. 199

Saints Constantine and Helen

p. 202

Saint John of Vladimir

p. 205

Saint Paul of Kalavryta, Pelopponesos

p. 208

Saint Michael of Synada

p. 211

Saint Symeon of the Mountain Thaumastos

p. 214

Third Finding of the Head of Saint John the Baptist

p. 217

Saint Karpos the Apostle

p. 220

Saint Alexander

p. 223

Saint John the Russian

p. 226

Saint Zacharias of Prusa

p. 229

Saints Theodosia and Theodosia

p. 232

Saint Isaakios

p. 235

Saint Hermias the Martyr

p. 238


Saint Justin the Philosopher

p. 241

Saint Nikephoros I, Patriarch of Constantinople

p. 244

Saints Lucillianus and Claudius, Hypatios, Dionysios, Paul and Paula

p. 247

Saint Sophia

p. 250

Saint Metrophanes, Bishop of Byzantium

p. 253

Saint Dorotheos

p. 256

Saint Hilarion of Cappadocia

p. 258

Saint Potamiani of Alexandria

p. 261

Saint Kalliope

p. 264

Saint Cyril

p. 267

Saints Theophanes and Pansemne

p. 270

Saint Barnabas the Apostle

p. 273

Miraculous Icon of the Theotokos

p. 276

Saint Onuphrios the Egyptian

p. 279

Saint Peter of Mount Athos

p. 282

Saint Akylina

p. 285

Saint Methodios, Patriarch of Constantinople

p. 288

Saint Augustine, Bishop of Hippo

p. 291

Saint Tychon of Cyprus

p. 294

Saints Manuel, Savel and Ismael

p. 297

Saint Leontis, Hypatios and Theodoulos

p. 300

Saint Jude, Apostle of Christ

p. 303

Saint Methodios of Patara

p. 306

Saint Julian of Egypt

p. 309

Saint Nikitas of Nisyros

p. 312

Saint Eusebios of Samosata

p. 315

Saint Aristocles of Tamassos, Cyprus

p. 318

Nativity of Saint John the Baptist

p. 321

Saints Orentios and the Brothers Pharnakios, Eros, Phirmos, Phirminos, Kyriakos and Longinos

p. 324

Saint George the Neomartyr

p. 327

Saint David of Thessaloniki

p. 330

Saint Sampson the Glorious Innkeeper and Physician

p. 333

Saint Kyros and John

p. 336

Saint Peter

p. 339

Saint Paul

p. 342

Saint Michael of Athens the Neomartyr

p. 345


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