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Orthodox Saints, Vol. I

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In chronological order, the lives of nearly 500 saints of the Orthodox Church, simply and briefly told for the general reader. Covers the liturgical period of Jan. 1-Mar. 31. 



p. xiii


Saint Basil the Great

p. 1

Saint Gregory the Elder, Bishop of Nazianzos

p. 4

Saint Basil of Ankyra (Ankara)

p. 7

Saint Seraphim of Sarov

p. 10

Saint Sylvester, Bishop of Rome

p. 13

Saint Zoris (George) of Mytilene the Neomartyr

p. 16

Saint Gordios the Martyr

p. 19

The Prohpt Malachi

p. 22

Saint Onuphrios

p. 25

Saint Appolinaria

p. 28

Saint Romanos of Karpenesi

p. 31


p. 34

Saint John the Baptist

p. 37

Saint Dominica the Righteous

p. 40

Saint Karterios the Martyr

p. 43

Saint Philip of Moscow

p. 46

Saint Gregory of Nyssa

p. 49

Saint Marcian

p. 52

Saint Theodosios the Cenobite

p. 55

Saint Tatiani

p. 58

Saint Maximos (Kafsokalyvitis)

p. 61

Saint Savvas, Prince of Serbia

p. 64

The Thirty-Eight Fathers of Mount Sinai

p. 67

Saint Paul the Hermit of Thebes

p. 70

Saint John Kalyvites

p. 73

Saint Damaskenos

p. 76

The Chains of Saint Peter

p. 79

Saint George of Ioannina

p. 82

Saint Anthony the Great

p. 85

Saint Athanasios

p. 88

Saint Mark of Ephesus

p. 91

Saint Euthymios the Great

p. 94

Saint Neophytos

p. 97

Saint Maximos the Confessor

p. 100

Saint Timothy

p. 103

Saint Clement and Agathangelos

p. 106

Saint Paphserios, Theodotion and Paul

p. 109

Saint Xeni

p. 112

Saint Gregory the Theologian

p. 115

Saint Puplios the Ascetic

p. 118

Saints Xenophon, Maia, and John and Arkadios

p. 121

Saint Demetrios of Constantinople

p. 124

Saint Ephraim the Syrian

p. 127

Saint Palladios

p. 130

Saint Demetrios of Chios

p. 133

Saint Philotheos

p. 136

The Three Hierarchs

p. 139

Saint Elias

p. 142

Sain Kyros and John the Unmercinaries

p. 145


Saint Tryphon

p. 148

Saint Basil, Archbishop of Thessaloniki

p. 151

Presentation of our Blessed Lord in the Temple

p. 154

Saint Stamatios, John and Nicholas, Neomartyrs of Spetsai

p. 157

Saint Vlasios of Caesaria

p. 160

Saint Isidore of Pelusium

p. 163

Saint Abramios, Bishop of Arbela

p. 166

Saint Agathi

p. 169

Saint Photios, Patriarch of Constantinople

p. 172

Saint Bukulos

p. 175

Sait Parthenios of Lampsakos

p. 178

Saint Luke Stiris

p. 181

Saint Theordore Stratelates

p. 184

Saint Nikephoros the Martyr

p. 187

Saint Charalambos

p. 190

Saint George the Serbian

p. 193

Saint Theodora the Empress

p. 196

Saint Chrestos the Gardener

p. 199

Saint Meletios of Antioch

p. 202

Saint Aquila and Priscilla

p. 205

Saint Martinianos

p. 208

Saint Auxentios of the Mountain

p. 211

Saint Abrahamios

p. 214

Saint Onesimos the Apostle

p. 217

Saint Flavianos, Patriarch of Constantinople

p. 220

Saint Maruthas

p. 223

Saint Theodore of Teron

p. 226

Saint Auxibios of Soli

p. 229

Saint Leo, Bishop of Rome

p. 232

Saint Agapetos

p. 235

Saint Rabulas

p. 238

Saint Bessarion of Egypt

p. 241

Saint Leo of Catania

p. 247

Saint Eustathios of Antioch

p. 250

Saint Baradatos

p. 253

Saints Thallasios and Limnaios

p. 256

Saint Polycarp of Smyrna

p. 259

Saint Gorgonia

p. 262

Discoveries of the head of Saint John the Baptist

p. 265

Saint Tarasios, Patriarch of Constantinople

p. 268

Saint Porphyrios of Gaza

p. 271

Saint Photini, the Samaritan Woman

p. 274

Saint Prokopios of Decapolis

p. 274

Saint Proterios, Patriarch of Alexandria

p. 280

Saint Kyranna of Thessaloniki

p. 283


Saint Agapios

p. 286

Saint Eudokia

p. 289

Saint Hesychios

p. 292

Saint Theodotos of Egypt

p. 295

Saint Piamun of Egypt

p. 298

Saint Gerasimos of Jordan

p. 301

Saint Gregory of Assos

p. 304

Saint Mark the Athenian

p. 307

Saint Hesychios the Miracle-worker

p. 313

Saint Paul the Simple

p. 316

Saint Lavrentios

p. 319

Saint Theophylaktos

p. 322

The Forty Martyrs of Sebaste

p. 325

Saint Anastasia

p. 328

Saint Sophronios, Patriarch of Jerusalem

p. 331

Saint Symeon the New Theologian

p. 334

Saint Puplios, Bishop the Athens

p. 337

Saint Benedict of Nursia

p. 340

Saint Aristobulos

p. 343

Saint Nikandros of Egypt

p. 346

Saint Chirstodoulos of Patmos

p. 349

Saint Julian of Cicilia

p. 352

Saint Alexios, Man of God

p. 355

Saint Cyril of Jerusalem

p. 358

Saint Trophimos and Eukarpion

p. 361

Saint Pancharios

p. 364

Saint Chrysanthos and Daria

p. 367

Saint Myron of Crete

p. 370

Saint Iakovos (James), Monk and Confessor

p. 373

Saint Virillos of Catania

p. 376

Saint Euthymios

p. 379

Saint Drosis

p. 382

Saint Nikon and the One Hundred Ninety-Nine Martyrs

p. 385

Saint Luke of Mytilene

p. 388

Saint Parthenios III, Partriarch of Constantinople

p. 391

The Annunciation of the Theotokos

p. 394

Saint Malchos the Monastic

p. 397

Saint Matrona of Thessaloniki

p. 400

The Prophet Hanani

p. 403

Saint Herodion

p. 406

Saint Mark of Aresthusa

p. 409

Saint Ionas

p. 412

Saint John of the Ladder (Klimakos)

p. 415

Saint Akakios, Bishop of Melitene

p. 418

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