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Old Testament Homilies: Volume 1

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Translated by Robert Charles Hill, this unique collection of St. John Chrysostom's Old Testament homilies covers the stories and significance of Hannah, David, and Saul. The first volume includes three homilies on David and Saul and five homilies on Hannah. These homilies also offer a closer look at St. John Chrysostom's brilliance as a homilist, as a scriptural interpreter, as a spiritual guide, and even as a political commentator.



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Homilies on David and Saul

Homily One

p. 9

Homily Two

p. 25

Homily Three

p. 38

Homilies on Hannah

Homily One

p. 65

Homily Two

p. 82

Homily Three

p. 96

Homily Four

p. 107

Homily Five

p. 121

Select Bibliography

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General Index

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Index of Biblical Citations

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Robert Charles Hill

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