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Jesus the Messiah in the Hebrew Bible

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This volume deals with the messianic texts found in the Hebrew Bible. Shifting away from conventional paradigms, Eugen Pentiuc develops a new way of understanding the presence of Christ in the Old Testament. His approach is ontological, based on the view that Jesus the Messiah was preexistent, and he appeared in manifold forms throughout the Hebrew Bible prior to his human incarnation in the New Testament.

This book provides an accurate exegetical basis for reviewing the prophetic indicators--as well as the literary explications--of the relationship between the Old Testament prophecy and the New Testament fulfillment of Jesus the Messiah. A work of exegesis and biblical theology entwined with pastoral guidance, this book will be a useful tool for both ministers and faithful in their quest of Christ in the Old Testament. To that end, it also contains homiletic outlines and samples as well as the Church Fathers' writings on the most important issues of hermeneutics.


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