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Inner Way: Toward a Rebirth of Eastern Christian Spiritual Direction

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Fr. Allen's focus is the exploration of spiritual direction as a ministry of the Church. Thus in its sensitivity not only to theology but to anthropology, sociology, and psychology - and holding the tension between them, this study will be most useful as a resource for all Christians, but especially for counselors and spiritual guides who seek to help others traverse the inner way.



p. ix


p. xi

1. Treading the Inner Way: A Ministry of Healing and Reconciliation

p. 1

  1. Iatros Pneumatikos: The Spiritual Physician

p. 1

  1. A Question of Contemporary Ministry

p. 6

  1. Reconciliation through Appropriation

p. 10

2. The Historical Tradition of the Inner Way

p. 15

  1. Eldership: Distinctions and Connections

p. 15

  1. The Work and the Fruit: Nonsacramental and Sacramental

p. 18

  1. Bringing Light into Human Motivation and Behavior

p. 23

  1. The Inner Way to True Knowledge

p. 27

  1. Self-Disclosure and Trust

p. 31

  1. Paternity: Obedience and Freedom

p. 39

  1. On Both Sides: The Absence of Development of the Relationship

p. 49

  1. The Penitential Tradition of the Inner Way

p. 56

3. The Spiritual Component: Exploring the Theological Roots of Spiritual Direction

p. 59

Introduction: Distinguishing the “Spiritual” and the “Direction” 

p. 59

  1. Fragmentation and Transformation: Life out of the Compost Heap

p. 60

  1. Covenantal Suppositions: The God-Issue

p. 65

  1. Theology and Experience

p. 69

  1. Human Choice and Free Will

p. 72

  1. Compassion, Steadfast Love, Faithfulness: Correlates for Healing

p. 83

  1. The Binding of the “Spiritual” and the “Direction”

p. 85

  1. Caring and Curing: Listening, Affirming, Freeing

p. 91

  1. The Place of the Heart

p. 96

4. The Direction Component: Exploring the Psychological Issues in Spiritual Direction

p. 101

Introduction: The Direction Component

p. 101

  1. Methodology: The Uniqueness of Spiritual Direction

p. 103

  1. Patterns in Methodology

p. 107

  1. Listening: More than Hearing

p. 111

  1. The Meeting in the Method: Director and Directee

p. 116

  1. Responsibility and Confrontation: Contemporary Models Which Conflict

p. 120


p. 131

5. Appendix: Practitioners of Spiritual Direction

p. 133

  1. St. John Chrysostom as Spiritual Director

p. 133

  1. The Blessed Augustine as Spiritual Director

p. 136

  1. Fr. Alexander Elchaninov and St. John of Kronstadt as Spiritual Directors

p. 138


p. 140

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