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In the Image of God: Studies in Scripture, Theology, and Community

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Essays by Metropolitan Maximos on the person, the place of the Gospel in the Church, the Orthodox understanding of salvation, baptismal ecclesiology, and the relationship between Churches. Drawn from the Fathers of the Church, liturgical life, and the works of modern theologians, readers will find clear presentations and explorations of the topics.



p. ix

The Church as a Presupposition for the Proclamation of the Gospel

p. 1

Image as “Sign” (Semeion) of God: Knowledge of God through the Image according to Saint Basil

p. 9

Applications of the Theme “Eikon Theou” (Image of God) According to Saint Basil the Great

p. 49

Some Preliminary Notions of “Baptismal Ecclesiology”: Baptism and the Eucharist, Constitutive of the Church as Communion

p. 75

The Theology and Experience of Salvation

p. 114

Orthodox Soteriology

p. 126

“Sister Churches:” Ecclesiological Implications

p. 153

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Maximos Aghiorgoussis

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