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Hymns of Kassianí

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On April 16th Cappella Records is proud to present the release of Hymns of Kassianí performed by Cappella Romana, Alexander Lingas, music director.

Discover the world’s earliest music by a female composer: 9th-century nun, poet, and hymnographer Kassianí (Kassía).

The same men and women of Cappella Romana who brought you the Lost Voices of Hagia Sophia bestseller (44 weeks on Billboard), now sing the earliest music we have by a female composer, including long-suppressed hymns recorded here for the first time.

They close with two medieval versions of her beloved hymn for Orthodox Holy Week.

Cappella Romana is the world’s leading ensemble in the field of medieval Byzantine chant. Building on its extensive catalogue of this repertoire, Hymns of Kassianí is its 25th release. This is the first of a planned series to record all of Kassianí’s surviving works.

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