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Holistic Healing in Byzantium

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"This fascinating volume, of impressive interdisciplinary range, trains a bright light on the therapeutic practices of Byzantine Christian medicine in wider contexts of historical anthropology and epistemology. These essays remind us of the powerful relevance of a psychosomatic, integrative approach to healing, which we call 'holistic' as though it were new. Holistic Healing in Byzantium reminds us that such an approach is anything but new. In fact, the 'news' of its antiquity condemns post-Enlightenment medical science for how it has gravely lost sight of 'the whole person,' body and soul, matter and spirit, both afflicted in any illness, both implicated in any cure. An important history that is at the same time a rehabilitation of our essential humanity." 

-- Kimberly C. Patton (Harvard Divinity School)


Preface - John T. Chirban

p. ix

Foreword - Jaroslav Pelikan

p. xi

Part I: Introduction

Chapter 1 - Holistic Healing in Byzantium - John T. Chirban

p. 3

Chapter 2 - Understanding the Importance of Epistemologies and Methodologies in Holistic Healing - John T. Chirban

p. 37

Part II: Healing Institutions

Chapter 3 - The Byzantine Hospital - Timothy Miller

p. 73

Chapter 4 - Monastic Health Care and the Late Antique Hospital

p. 91

Chapter 5 - Healing and the Scope of Religion in Byzantium: A Response to Miller and Crislip - Derek Krueger

p. 119

Chapter 6 - Faith and Healing in Sacramental Life in the Byzantine and Modern Greek Orthodox Experience - Demetrios Constantelos

p. 131

Part III: Belief and Faith Healing

Chapter 7 - Faith Healing in Byzantium - Alice-Mary Talbot

p. 151

Chapter 8 - Virtuous Soul, Healthy Body: The Holistic Concept of Health in Byzantine Representations of Christ's Healing Miracles - Maria Evangelatou

p. 173

Chapter 9 - St. Demetrios and Faith Healing in Thessalonike - James Skedros

p. 243

Chapter 10 - Healing the Body, Saving the Soul: Viewing Christ's Healing Ministry in Byzantium - Rossitza Schroeder

p. 253

Chapter 11 - Theological Dimensions of Holistic Healing - Maximos Aghiorgoussis

p. 281

Chapter 12 - Organic Complexity and the Healing of Our Epistemology - Timothy Patitsas

p. 297

Epilogue - John T. Chirban

p. 309


p. 311

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