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Holiness: Is it Attainable Today?

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In all of his writings, Fr. Moses is an eloquent and dynamic exponent of Orthodox Christianity. Not only is his literary style succinct and delightful, but, more importantly, his Orthodox theology is crystal clear, well balanced, and extraordinarily convincing for the existential condition of contemporary man. The theme and the premise of this beautiful book are truly inspiring and full of consolation and spiritual joy for those who would take up the struggle for an authentic spiritual life that is truly Orthodox and therefore also truly Christian. The answer to the question in this book's title is a resounding "Yes!" Holiness is indeed attainable today, as the readers of this book will see for themselves. - From the translator's foreword by Fr. Peter A. Chamberas


 Translator's Foreword - Fr. Peter A. Chamberas vii
Foreword - Protopresbyter Athanasios Lagouros ix
1. With All the Saints 1
2. Holiness and the Saints 17
3. Fools for Christ 37
4. The New Martyrs of Chios 55
5. The All-Holy Theotokos 65
6. The Most-Compassionate Father 85



101 Pages
Holy Cross Orthodox Press
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6 x 9 x 0.8 inches
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Fr. Peter A. Chamberas

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