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Guide for a Church Under Islam: The Sixty-Six Canonical Questions

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In the Christian East, the pastoral manuals of the Church adopted the format of Questions/Answers. The authors of these canonical works were bishops and priests who often wrote to guide clergy in addressing issues arising from diocesan and parish life. "Guide for a Church Under Islam" concerns an entire church subject to Islamic persecution that sought the counsel of its sole Eastern sister church that was free from Muslim conquest. This pastoral guide for a church under Islam sets forth a pattern meant for a patriarchate to apply in addressing issues arising in a society under the domination of an alien religion that regarded itself as superior by nature.

In addition to the main issue, the twelfth-century document has myriad interesting features relevant for Church history, including its record of ancient Christian practices regarding liturgy, fasting, preparation for the Eucharist, burial of the dead, deaconesses, and the internal life of Arabic Christians living in what would become modern Egypt, Palestine, Lebanon, and Syria. The translation as well as its annotations and introductory history represent a time capsule of the Church's history in the aftermath of the Muslim conquests of the Middle East and just before the taking of Constantinople in 1204 by the Latin Crusaders.

 Foreword ix
 Preface xiii
 Principal Abbreviations xvii
 Introduction 3
 Overview of the Translation 43


 Select Bibliography 49
 List of Council Questions   55
 Canonical Questions of the Most Holy Patriarch of Alexandria, Lord Markos, and the Answers for Them by the Most Holy Patriarch of Antioch, Lord Theodoros Balsamon 65
 1. Canonical Sources 137
 2. Historical Persons Named in the Canonical Questions 141
 Index  143
 Author Biographies 153
154 Pages
Holy Cross Orthodox Press
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