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Essays on Ecumenism

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The papers presented in this volume reflect some of the issues that were causing consternation initially among Orthodox involved in ecumenical dialogue. The authors are some of the leading thinkers in ecumenical circles of the day. Their insights into issues are based in years of study and experience. Thus, they are presented here as a "snapshot" of Orthodox thinking in this period (1991-1993), as a record of the times and to further dialogue among the Churches.


  • Leonidas C. Contos,
  • Milton B. Efthimiou
  • Jeffrey Gros
  • Georges Tsetsis
  • Antoinette Wire
  • Methodios Fouyas
Paperback: 112 Pages
Publisher: InterOrthodox Press
ISBN: 9781932401028
Product Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5 x .5 inches
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