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Essays in Liturgy and Theology, Volume 2: Challenges and Opportunities: The Church in Her Mission to the World

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The global presence of Orthodoxy makes it difficult, if not impossible, for the Church to retreat into the cocoon, into isolationism and provincialism.  The true catholicity of the Church requires that she bear witness to the apostolic faith and foster a ministry of generous service to the world.  To do this, the Church must accept the challenge to bring the insights of her theological tradition and vision of life into all manner and level of discussions that pertain to the nature, purpose, and future of human existence.

The short essays in the volume suggest several areas that require the Church's attention and continued reflection as she enacts her life of faith amidst the contradictions and anomalies of the modern world.  Topics include evangelism, the value of ecumenical activities; science, technology, and faith; the challenges of the social sciences; the American context - a testing ground for Orthodox identity and mission; the challenges of intra-Christian marriages; and the date of Pascha.



p. xi


p. 1

God, Church, and a People-in-mission

p. 1

A People-in-mission

p. 3

The Need for a Vibrant Evangelistic Spirit

p. 7

A Witnessing Missionary Mentality

p. 7

Four New Projects

p. 9

An Unfinished Task: Embracing the Oriental Orthodox Churches

p. 11

The Value of Ecumenical Activities

p. 13

Recognizing the Contributions

p. 13

The Ecumenical Agony

p. 14

The Special Responsibility of the Orthodox

p. 16

Sharing in God’s Providential Care for the Environment

p. 19

Evangelism and the Environment

p. 19

Protecting the Material World

p. 20

The World: God’s Gift of Life

p. 22

Fostering Respect for the Integrity of Creation

p. 23

Science, Technology, and Faith: Overcoming False Barriers

p. 27

Orthodox Theology and the Scientific Process

p. 27

No Room for God

p. 30

Conversation with Scientists

p. 31

Defining the Human Being

p. 33

Two Ways of Knowing

p. 35

Ultimate Meanings and Moral Content

p. 38

Dealing With the Decline of Modernity and the Challenges of the Social Sciences

p. 41

The Psychic Conflict

p. 41

Modernity and Secular Culture

p. 42

The Dark Side of Modernity

p. 44

Overcoming the Spiritual Malaise

p. 46

Evangelization Begins in the Parish

p. 49

Monasticism and Mission

p. 50

The American Context: A Testing Ground for Orthodox Identity and Mission

p. 51

Heirs of a Spiritual and Cultural Legacy

p. 51

The Inexorable Process of Acculturation

p. 52

The Church’s Vocation and Mission

p. 53

Questions to Ponder

p. 54

The Gospel and Culture

p. 56

Orthodoxy in America

p. 60

The Quest for Jurisdictional Unity

p. 63

Particularities of the American Context: Lessons and Responses

p. 69

I. Characteristics of the American Context

p. 69

The American Context

p. 69

Religious Life in America

p. 70

II. Particularities of the American Context

p. 75

The Basic Pillars of the American Way

p. 75

III. Lessons and Responses

p. 77


p. 77


p. 80

(a) The Life and Structures of the Church

p. 81

(b) The Church is Both Hierarchical and Synodal

p. 83

(c) The Election of Candidates to Holy Orders

p. 87


p. 90

The Challenges of Intra-Christian Marriages: A Case Study

p. 93


p. 93

I. General Comments and Observations

p. 96

A Good Collaborative Statement

p. 96

A Sign of Growing Trust and Mutual Respect Between the Churches

p. 96

Well-stated Theological Positions - Need for Additional Nuances

p. 96

Combating Confessional Relativism

p. 97

The Proper Understanding and Use of Oikonomia (Economy)

p. 98

Lack of Uniformity

p. 99

The “Ideal” or the “Normative”?

p. 100

II. Items in Need of Elaboration

p. 101

The Minister of the Sacrament

p. 101

What Constitutes Marriage?

p. 105

The Mutual Consent of the Couple

p. 107

The Indissolubility of Marriage, Divorce and Annulments

p. 108


p. 115

II. Two Substantive Issues: A Concern and a Challenge

p. 117

The Doable Recommendations

p. 117

The Single Joint Rite Arrangement

p. 118

The Problem with Supplementary Marriage Rites

p. 119

The Problem of Inter-Religious Marriages

p. 121

Concluding Remarks

p. 122

The Date of Pascha: The Need to Continue the Debate

p. 125

The Hebrew Passover and the Christian Pascha: Controversies in the Early Church

p. 126

The Paschalia: Towards a Solution for a Common Dating of Pascha

p. 129

The Decision of the First Ecumenical Synod

p. 130

The Developments After the Synod of Nicea

p. 132

Another Development: The Canonical Norms for Paschalia

p. 133

The Establishment of the New Calendar: Additional Complications

p. 134

Coping with the Two Calendars: A Temporary Compromise

p. 137

Future Course of Action: Recovering the Spirit of Nicea

p. 139


p. 143

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