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Essays in Liturgy and Theology, Volume 2: Challenges and Opportunities: The Church in Her Mission to the World

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The global presence of Orthodoxy makes it difficult, if not impossible, for the Church to retreat into the cocoon, into isolationism and provincialism.  The true catholicity of the Church requires that she bear witness to the apostolic faith and foster a ministry of generous service to the world.  To do this the Church must accept the challenge to bring the insights of her theological tradition and vision of life into all manner and level of discussions that pertain to the nature, purpose, and future of human existence.

The short essays in the volume suggest several areas that require the Church's attention and continued reflection as she enacts her life of faith amidst the contradictions and anomalies of the modern world.  Topics include: evangelism, the value of ecumenical activities; science, technology, and faith; the challenges of the social sciences; the American context - a testing ground for Orthodox identity and mission; the challenges of intra-Christian marriages; and the date of Pascha.


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Holy Cross Orthodox Press
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