Encountering Women of Faith, Vol. III

Kyriaki FitzGerald

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Allow me to begin with an unintentionally provocative statement: this volume breaks through the limitations generally associated with contemporary “feminism”! The book clearly places the discussion of women's ecclesial ministries in the context of a radical call to holiness; the (understandable) resentment that sometimes characterizes the "Rights Revolution" is entirely absent from this creative collection of women saints' lives.

Does this mean that the authors are "meekly oblivious" to the need to validate and restore women's unique ministries in the Church? No. But it does mean that their analysis is filtered through the pain, the wisdom - and thus the triumph - of the Cross. 

Dr. Kyriaki Karidoyanes FitzGerald is to be commended for bringing together Orthodox authors who not only exude a spirit worthy of the Gospel, but whose writing reveals a critical acumen and depth worthy of popular scholarship. In keeping with the popular dimension of the book's profile, every chapter includes insightful study questions. It thus becomes an even more helpful resource - especially for Eastern Christian parishes.

The first goal of the St. Catherine's Vision, the community behind this publication, reads: "To develop and implement initiatives especially supporting women's ministries in the Orthodox Church through prayer, education, research, training, mentoring, and other related programming related to theology and ministry (p. 212)." This collection achieves that goal in spades. Read it and be inspired. In every way it is worthy of the holy women presented therein. And it magnificently fosters the upbuilding of the whole Body of Christ.

Fr. Peter Galadza, PhD, Director,

Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky Institute of Eastern Christian Studies (MASI)

University of St. Michael’s College (USMC) in the University of Toronto

Every chapter of this book is the result of the authors’ penetrating research, as well as personal spiritual engagement with the women saints being studied. In addition, each chapter includes questions for further personal reflection or group discussion.  The results of this collaboration bring vividly to life a number of well-known and lesser-known women saints.  The diversity of saints and authors’ study approaches together corroborate with great clarity how “God is wondrous among His saints!”  The saints and co-authors of this volume are:
Foreword: God is Wondrous in His Saints, H.E. Metropolitan Methodios of Boston
Introduction: Eleos, the Compassion of God, Evangelia Amiridou
The Myrrh-Bearing Women, Vera Proctor
St. Fotini-the “Woman at the Well”, Despina D. Prassas  
St. Sarah-Martyria, Donna Rizk Asdourian
St. Marina the Monk, Fr. Anthony S. Tandilyan
St. Xenia of Rome, Kyriaki Karidoyanes FitzGerald
St. Kassiani, Susan Arida
St. Sophia of Thrace, Kellie Tandilyan
St. Ingegard-Anna of Novgorod, Mother Nectaria McLees
St. Theodora of Silah, Iulia Corduneanu Curtright
St. Elizabeth Feodorovna, Nikki Stournaras
St. Maria (Skobtsova) of Paris, Maria Drossos


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