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Dialogues with Patriarch Athenagoras

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Olivier Clément was, without doubt, one of the great Christian humanists of the twentieth century, a writer who could take the insights of the classical theological tradition and the spiritual fathers of the early centuries and bring them into an astonishingly effective dialogue with the thinkers and artists of modernity. This book shows him in conversation with a kindred spirit, a visionary, prayerful, generous Orthodox leader, whose impact is still felt in the Eastern Christian world. It is a model of how pastoral authority and intellectual exploration might—and should—interact.

Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury (2002–2012)

Throughout these pages, readers will discover the importance of encounters through dialogue. The fruit of these intimate conversations with French Orthodox theologian Olivier Clément is more than a spiritual legacy; it is the key that unlocks the treasure chest of Orthodox Christianity.

From the Foreword by Archbishop Elpidophoros of America


Foreword by Archbishop Elpidophoros

p. vii

Introduction by John Chryssavgis

Preliminary Remarks

p. ix

An Engaging Professor

p. x

An Enlightening Patriarch

p. xii

An Extraordinary Publication

p. xiv

Plus Ça Change 

p. xv

Translator’s Introduction

p. xix


p. xxiii

Part One: A Man Called Athenagoras

1. The Phanar

p. 1

2. Under the Snow

p. 3

3. Halki

p. 12

4. Monastir

p. 19

5. Athos

p. 23

6. First Secretary

p. 29

7. America, America

p. 36

8. Byzantium - Constantinople - Istanbul

p. 45

9. September 6

p. 49

10. The Bishop in the Church and the Church in the Bishop

p. 53

11. The Poor Lover of Mankind

p. 62

Part Two: Words

1. Christos Anesti! Christ Is Risen!

p. 71

2. The Church and Christianity

p. 83

3. Islam

p. 99

4. The Science of Life

p. 104

5. Politics

p. 121

6. Theologia

p. 134

7. Leitourgia

p. 147

Part Three: Acts

1. Roma - Amor

p. 167

2. Two Sisters

p. 180

3. Jerusalem

p. 189

4. Lifting of the Anathemas

p. 196

5. From New Rome to Old Rome

p. 203

6. The Future

p. 214

7. Auditor-et-Tertia Pars

p. 228

8. The Misunderstandings of Chalcedon

p. 238

9. New Rome, New Jerusalem

p. 242

10. In Conclusion

p. 253


p. 265

Joint Catholic-Orthodox Declaration of His Holiness Pope Paul VI and the Ecumenical Patriarch Athenagoras I


p. 268

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