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Deaconesses: A Tradition for Today and Tomorrow

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The articles gathered here draw on multiple disciplines to argue for the restoration of this venerable order . . . As we face the challenges of a rapidly changing world, may the ministry of deacons, both male and female, flourish once again!

John H. Erickson, Professor Emeritus, St. Vladimir’s Theological Seminary
This book is a remarkable achievement: scrupulously attentive to both history and theology; inclusive of Orthodox traditions and experience of the broadest purview; concrete, practical, and informative; inspiring in presentation, and visionary in scope.
Susan Ashbrook Harvey, Professor of History and Religion, Brown University


Foreword: Message by His All-Holiness Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew  p. xi
Introduction: The Editors p. xv
I. GENERAL PERSPECTIVESChapter 1: 'The Diaconate in Christ": A Fresh Look at the Role of DeaconsJohn Chyssavgis p. 3
Chapter 2: The Role of Women in the Church. The Ordination of Woman, and the Order of Deaconesses: An Orthodox Theological ApproachPetros Vassiliadis p. 11
Chapter 3:  Female Deacons in the Byzantine ChurchValerie Karras p. 39
Chapter 4: Orthodox Responses to the Possibility of a Rejuvenated Female Diaconate: The United States ContextTeva Regule p. 97
II. SCRIPTURAL PERSPECTIVESChapter 5: Christian Women at the Altar Table: Ancient Precedent for the Reinstitution of the Order of DeaconessesAlly Kateusz p. 113
Chapter 6: A Sociological Approach to the Invisibility of DeaconessesNiki Papageorgiou p. 135
Chapter 7: The Gospel References to Women: A Sociological ReminderDimitrios Passakos p. 141
Chapter 8: The New Theories about Mary MagdaleneAikaterini Drosia p. 155
III. HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVESChapter 9: The Person of Deaconess Phoebe in the Work of Church Fathers and Ecclesiastical Writers in Early ChristianityEirini Artemi p. 165
Chapter 10:  St. Nino and Ordination of Women Deacons in Georgian TraditionLeonide Beka Ebralidze p. 177
Chapter 11: Female Diaconia in the Context of EcclesiologiesZoya Dashevskaya p. 189
Chapter 12: The Order of Deaconesses according to the 1917–18 Sobor DiscussionAlexander Mramornov p. 209
IV. ECUMENICAL PERSPECTIVESChapter 13: Women Deacons in the Roman Catholic ChurchPhyllis Zagano p. 219
Chapter 14: Female Diaconal Service in the Coptic Orthodox Church: Past and PresentChristine Chaillot p. 229
Chapter 15:  A Nearly Forgotten History: Women Deacons in the Armenian ChurchKnarik O. Meneshian p. 251
Chapter 16: The Distinctive Diaconate Case in the Anglican Church: An Orthodox ApproachSpyridoula-Eleni Mantziou p. 269
V. SPIRITUAL PERSPECTIVESChapter 17:  The Institution of Deaconesses in the Light of the Modern Mission of the Orthodox ChurchEvi Voulgaraki-Pissina p. 281
Chapter 18:  The School of Deaconesses and the Opposition in the Church of GreeceVassiliki Stathokosta p. 293
Chapter 19:  St. Nektarios and the DeaconessesEvanthia Adamtziloglou p. 305
Chapter 20:  The Role of Women in the Life of the Church according to St. Amphilochius of PatmosNikolaos G. Tsirevelos p. 317
Appendix p. 329
(i) In Memoriam of Deaconess Maria p. 329
(ii) The Statement of Support by Orthodox Liturgists p. 339
(iii) Resources p. 343
Contributors p. 345
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