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Commentaries on the Prophets, Vol. 2

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The last of the great biblical commentators of the school of Antioch, Theodoret wrote works on all the prophets during his years as bishop of Cyrus. Though caught up in the theological currents in the period between the Church councils of Ephesus in 431 and Chalcedon in 451, he could claim in a letter late in that period to have commented on "all the prophets, the psalter, and the apostle."

Fortunately, all of Theodoret's commentaries have survived, probably owing to his proverbial moderation that attracted none of the hostility responsible for the loss of works of some of his Antiochene predecessors. His style of commentary, the hermeneutics of his school, and the distinctive Antioch text of the Old Testament are of particular interest to modern scholars and readers.

Volume two includes a commentary on the prophet Ezekiel.



p. 1

The Commentary on Ezekiel among Theodoret’s work

p. 1

Text of the Commentary; Theodoret’s biblical text

p. 4

Theodoret’s approach to Scripture and style of commentary

p. 7

Theodoret, interpreter of Ezekiel

p. 13

Theological accents

p. 19

Theodoret’s achievement in the Commentary on Ezekiel

p. 23

Select Bibliography

p. 25

Commentary on the Prophet Ezekiel

p. 27


p. 287

General Index

p. 339

Index of Biblical Citations

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